More Cassel/Clausen/Weis Drama


You guys know full well what I think about this stuff. I think it is crap. I have a standing agreement with the AA community that if the Chiefs draft Jimmy Clausen that I will go to Coney Island, attempt to eat 50 hot dogs and then ride the Cyclone and film the entire incident.

My Co-Lead Blogger Andrew is going to love this as he thinks this scenario is possible. Let me be clear one last time. I am not saying that the Chiefs are going to stick with Cassel forever. He if does not improve this year I can full well see them going in another direction or benching him. I just don’t think KC is going to draft Clausen or trade for Quinn for that matter.

I think this Cluasen to KC stuff is just a result of media outlets not having anything else to say about the Chiefs so they look at Weis being the offensive coordinator as a tip that the Chiefs are going to drop everything they did last season and draft every Notre Dame player ever.

I’d rather not add to the fire by posting this but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t. Enjoy.

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