Report: Chiefs Interested In NT Shaun Smith?


Evening Addicts. Arrowhead Pride is reporting that the Chiefs are interested in NT Shaun Smith.

"According to a league source, the Kansas City Chiefs are showing “serious” interest in free agent Shaun Smith, the 28 year old defensive tackle most recently of the Bengals.Smith comes with experience in the 3-4 defense and a familiarity with a couple of key members of the Chiefs.In 2003, Bill Parcells signed him as an undrafted free agent. He lasted a year in Dallas crossing paths with Todd Haley for just a short period of time. In 2007, he was signed by the Cleveland Browns who were coached at the time by — you guessed it — Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel."

I think this is very, very interesting. If the Chiefs think Smith can be their starter, he would fill a huge void for this team. I have been convinced for months that the Chiefs would fill the NT void via their first pick in the 2nd round of the draft. If they can fill this need in free agency, they can focus on other needs early in the draft, like offensive line and WR.

I know a lot of you were bummed about the Chiefs whiffing on Boldin. I was too. Though as I look at the moves they appear to be making now, I am starting to relax. Obviously the moves aren’t guaranteed to work out but if they fill needs at , NT, RB and possibly WR in free agency, they have a chance to plug SS, offensive line and ILB in the draft.

In my opinion, if the Chiefs can add new starters at C, ILB, SS and WR and add a NT and RB through free agency they will be greatly, greatly improved.

Nothing has happened yet but I think it is becoming apparent that although the Chiefs did not make a big splash to start off free agency, that they have a plan moving forward.

What do you think, Addicts? What are the areas of need you think the Chiefs need to fill?