Evening Addicts


I am sure some of you noticed my sudden disappearance just before the Chiefs failed to snag Anquan Boldin. I had to meet Miss AA for dinner as her sister is in town. I got the info about Boldin as it happened. I have decided to take the

evening to blow off some steam, relax and play some Madden. I have been working pretty much 24 hours straight here covering free agency and even I get burned out.

I will be back tomorrow with my thoughts on the Boldin thing and the Chiefs total lack of action on day 1 of free agency. I will say this. Everyone take a deep breath. It sucks to be let down especially when you get your hopes so high about something. I promise in a day or two, we’ll all calm down and feel a little bit better. Missing out on Anquan Boldin sucks but it is not the end of the world.

For now feel free to use the comments of this post to vent your frustrations. It is always good to get it out. As always play nice. And remember, the fact that we love the Chiefs this much to get so angry over one player acquisition just goes to show that for the most part, the Chiefs are a fun part of life and we are lucky to have them.

Thanks to everyone who made the first day of FA a blast. We shattered records two days in a row.