My Chief Concerns: Is The “Chiefs’ Blogosphere” Making You Rabid?


It’s the calm before the free agency and I wanted to change it up a bit today.

I don’t know about you, but to me the offseason just plain sucks.  What I find weird is that it appears to get tougher and tougher and longer each year.  Don’t you agree?  Why is that?

I attribute the same to my extreme and magnificent obsession known as the “Kansas City Chiefs” and the constant stream of Chiefs news or opinion that spews daily from the “Chiefs blogosphere” which is in full force and effect like never before.

Gone are the times of waiting a whole day or even weeks for any Chiefs news or opinion.  I remember back in the 1997 offseason checking the Chiefs’ website daily only to find the exact same story on its home page for days or even weeks.  That is no longer the case.    The blogosphere feeds my addiction instantly.  Like a drug, I want more; more and more, and any pause or delay in Chiefs’ news is becoming increasingly unbearable.  I can get downright grumpy.

I even scour other NFL teams sites and listen to other team’s news just to see if it can or will affect the Chiefs. I even play hours, upon hours, of Madden 2010 NFL Franchise Mode just to give myself the impression that some sort of Chiefs news is occurring.  It’s akin to an alcoholic drinking cough syrup.  Sad right?  But, am I the only one?

As you know, like never before, last season was very tough emotionally for me (you too, I am sure).  Every loss seemed to be more painful than the ones previously.  Why is it that 10 or 15 years ago when the Chiefs won or lost a game it did not seem to affect my mood so drastically? (That Lin Elliot game is still pissing me off though!) This too is attributed to my addiction to the “Chief’s blogosphere”.  When you devote as much time to the Chiefs that I (we) do, (even hours a day in the offseason), every loss, bad play or even bad referee call is terribly painful.   (Screaming so loud at the end of a bad play has even caused me to suffer terrible headaches for the rest of the day).  An average person, or even average fan, cannot understand this.

We are no average fans, correct?  We eat up and over analyze every move made by the Chiefs, and we read every article posted every day. Am I right?  But is this a good thing?  Have we become so rabid that whatever happens to our beloved Chiefs affects our very own personal lives, even our health?  Is the “Chiefs’ Blogosphere” to blame?  I think so, but there is no going back now, and I would not want it any other way.  How about you?