Why the Chiefs Should Go After Joshua Cribbs


The Chiefs have many reasons to go after Joshua Cribbs. They need a kick returner very badly. Quentin Lawrence is not the answer.   They also need more weapons on offense. We all agree now that Jamaal Charles is the man but the Chiefs also need someone to put in to give him a break every once and a while. Why not have it be Cribbs? He could handle kick return duties and then come in to take 5 to 8 carries a game when Charles is taking a breather.

Can you imagine Cribbs and Charles in the backfield together? The mere thought would give defensive coordinators nightmares. Both can run and both can catch. This would help to keep defenses honest. It would give the Chiefs offense another major playmaker and game changer. It would be another spark for an offense that drastically needs to catch fire.

While it is all well and good to speculate on a player shopping list, the Chiefs would have to give up something valuable in return. But what?

Well, I doubt the Browns would have the gull to ask for a 1st rounder for Cribbs as they seem to be refusing to pay him the type of salary he deserves and while I like Cribbs, he certainly isn’t worth the 5th pick in the draft. There is a chance the Browns could swap spots with the Chiefs if they desperately need to move up into the 5th spot, perhaps to snag a QB. There would be a lot of wheeling and dealing happening to make this sort of scenario go down so I believe it is unlikely.

What I could see happening is that the Chiefs could offer their extra 2nd round pick to Cleveland for Cribbs. It seems to me a 2nd rounder is fair market value for Cribbs. It would give the Chiefs a sure thing and would rid the Browns of the disgruntled return man while giving Mike Holmgren a staggering 12 picks to work with to rebuild the franchise.

I don’t know what Cleveland’s problem is. I don’t know why they continue to infuriate fans by not paying and securing their single best player. Cribbs appears to be finished with Cleveland it seems like if he doesn’t get what he wants, he will hold out.

The Chiefs have plenty of money, a high draft pick in the first round and the leverage of an extra second round pick. The draft being the great unknown I would rather the team use the 2nd rounder in a trade to get themselves an established young player than an unknown quantity. Even if it isn’t Cribbs, the Chiefs could fill their needs with safer bets. There are no guarantees in the draft.

What do you think Addicts? Should the Chiefs go after Cribbs and if so, what should they give up to get him?