Shanahan to coach Redskins


"After an afternoon of negotiations produced an agreement, Mike Shanahan signed a five-year contract to become head coach and executive vice president of football operations for the Washington Redskins."


I am predisposed to hate Shanahan due to his days in Denver, though I always respected him and I do think he is a good coach. He managed to get even his more talent deficient teams to play above their skill level and to me, that is simply good coaching. However, I have no idea, given the multitude of opportunities out there for a guy like Mike, why he chose to go work for Dan Snyder. With the exception of Oakland, I can not think of a worse landing spot for a head coach.

What do you think Addicts? Will Mike succeed in Washington or will Snyder go nutso and fire him at the first sign of trouble? Are you glad he won’t be coaching in the AFC? Sound off.