Arrowhead Adventures: The Hot Dog Stand


One of the most enjoyable things I do at Arrowhead Stadium is set up my own hot dog stand. You can make it elaborate or keep it simple, depending on your mood. I might do it once or twice a year, and some seasons I don’t do it at all.

Hot dogs can be cheap if you buy them at Sam’s or Costco, but make sure you match ‘em up with the same number of buns. Get plenty of paper towels to wrap the dogs in, some commercial sized condiments, and you’re set up.

Next you will want to name your stand.

We staffers might label it “ARROWHEAD ADDICT HOT DOGS”, or I might go with “Raiders Suck.” You might use the stand to promote your business or website, but you get the idea. Don’t put a price, don’t label them free, it’s the more fun if you keep people wondering, but the goal here is to give them away.

Finally, grill them, set out some condiments, and you’re in business.

What’s the point you might be asking?

The point is up to you…use your imagination, get creative. This I can tell you: it’s a fantastic way to meet new people and make new friends.

Trade hot dogs for stuff! Trade them for beer, trade them for beads, trade them for extra tickets!

See some nice looking girls? Recruit them to help you with the stand. See some not-so-nice-looking girls? Maybe you will be in the mood to ask them for a flash. Your successes are as much fun as your failures in this area, and whatever the reaction, its sure to be remembered for years to come. Best to use vague terms here such as Winnebago‘s, double bogeys, again use your imagination, but be sure to “test the water temps before you dive in”. You don’t want to miss the game by being arrested for making lewd suggestions. I don’t really do this anymore, but in the old days I was always surprised at how high my success rate was.

See some opposing fans? Its always fun to make a huge production of offering them a hot dog. Tell them how good it is and how welcoming Arrowhead fans are to their “guests”. When they refuse it laugh maniacally and throw it in the trash. They will wonder what was going on there for the rest of the game and beyond.

Remember those people directing traffic? That job can really suck. People yell, exhaust smoke, freezing cold mornings or blazing hot afternoons. Get a box and pass out the “travelers,” thanking the staff as you hand out the dogs. An added bonus is the same folks tend to work the same sections so remind them the next game for favored treatment.

On the busier games, I get my box and pass the dogs out to the people stuck in traffic. I am not exactly unbiased here, I usually hit the cars filled with attractive young ladies, and spend some time with my captive audience. I might write “Broncos Suck” on the box I carry them in or I might not again depending on the mood.

Hit the cars with kids, asking their parents permission first. They will remember that hot dog for years to come. I don’t act like an asshole every game.

Once while enjoying a thriving business, a church van pulled up and church youth grilled hamburgers and handed them out with accompanying Bible verses which I thought was very interesting and a great idea, but at the same time it made me feel like a real heathen so I closed down for the day.

I occasionally like to drink my Captain Morgan Parrot Bay while running my hot dog stand on the hot days, hot cocoa or coffee on the cold ones. Most games any more I stick to bottled water.

Going to an October game? Wear your Halloween outfit. A November game? Dress like a turkey or a pilgrim. December game? You got it — Santa Claus.

I like to have music at my hot dog stand, along the lines of what you hear at the kickoffs.
“Thunderstruck,” “Crazy Train” to name a couple.. We’ve had some posts along these lines, but I focus on the tunes you will hear during the kickoffs, etc.

Toss the ball around when you get bored, for a break.

I created a special Yahoo! e-mail address just for my hot dog stand games, and I pass it out with little business cards I printed, then check out the responses I get from other gamers. You might utilize these to promote your business, your website, or simply to connect with new friends at the next game.

Variations of the hot dog stands are unlimited, but you get the idea.

So on your next visit to Arrowhead think about setting up a hot dog stand. Whatever happens, it’s guaranteed to be a day you won’t forget.