Addict Angles: Instant Reax


Some quick thoughts from me soon, but here are some of the best reactions from Addicts so far…


"Let’s talk about some good stuff. Ten bright spots.1. Pollard and Page tackled well. That’s nice to see.2. Albert looked pretty damn good.3. Tony still has it.4. Charles is going to be a lot of fun to watch for a while.5. Turk managed to get some pressure and made some quality stops.6. Dorsey is a big, big man on the inside.7. Flowers and Carr played well for two rookies in the secondary.8. Surtain looked much better than he did all year last year.9. We’ve got some pretty nice depth on the d line.10. Colquitt is still Colquitt."


"Some please correct me if im wrong here.1. What is with the chiefs and hiring dam stubborn offensive co-ordinators. It was pretty darn clear that the plays they are calling are not working. Why can’t the chiefs adapt. If i play doesnt work, you dont call it another two or three times. Eg 1. Running larry into a wall of defenders play after play. What is with the counters, it was so obvious they werent working. I swear i saw like 2 runs to the outside and like one toss play. Larrys big run was a run where he bounced to the outside, big suprise, it worked. Lets just keep running into the scrum and getting next to no yards….2. We ran the Wr screen 3 times out of the same package to the same side. just differant receivers. Who are you trying to fool, this isnt college football, seriously.3. if im not correct. I think we attempted 2 passes over 20 yrds. First was picked off, second was a massive catch to darling…. Why do we have a gunslinger if you arnt going to let him throw i deep ball. again… seriously… and dont give me the he didnt have time. Put 7-8 guys on block and just let one receiver run down feild. Who cares if it fails or he over throws it. Atleast it shows you are willing to strech the feild….4. OMG, the final drive….. Throw it to bowe on 3 out of the 5 attempts…. OMFG… even if tony was covered, what about the other 3 WR you had on the feild. I know D-Bowe is our end zone target but seriously. (the final play was defensive pass interference but i dont care because we should of put it into the endzone on one of the first three atempts. and what was with the draw play. Cancer is in the both, he can see the match up, the pats ran the same package three times in a row, big bill was signing “bait, bait” or “fishing, fishing”. we run same pakage, he runs same package. Arrgggg.5. Im really suprised we didnt see larry spike the ball into the earths core. If i was him i would be so pissed right now….. Its like being told “hey larry, go run into that wall over there 30 times….”6. How bout a screen play, or a slants route… We ran them in the preseason. Were they the crazy experimental trick plays ive been hearing about…. Try them in the preseason but they are way to risking for the real season.I could go all day, but what would that acheive.One more thing… Make all the bill bilicheck jokes you want… at the end of the day, atleast the pats win games…Go Chiefs"


"I agree with tim and xxxlp on the playcalling. I thought Chan was gonna bring us a little unpredictability; but seems like he was stuck in preseason mode.I thought our de’s looked good. They were getting into the backfield pretty good. Our dt’s however didn’t get a very consistent push up the middle and therefore all their qb had to do was step up in the pocket. I also thought Gun would bring a few more blitzes than he did. Whenever they blitzed they looked impressive but didn’t do much of it.Secondary did an admirable job. Was pleasantly surprised with Surtain’s play and rest looked good also with the exception of our lapse when Moss went from endzone to midfield. Should have had one of the younger safties in there instead of McGraw. Don’t get me wrong I like McGraw but he lacks good speed.Our dt’s were getting pushed around a lot. A lot were double teams, but then someone alse should have been getting in there on blitzes or whatever.Gonzales was his usual great self but Bowe dropped too many to be called Mr. Awesome. 4sho.. Darling still has only 1 catch, but lord what a catch. I had hoped however that he was a lot faster than he seemed. I thought he should have scored on that play.Ironman wasn’t bad but thought he tiptoed up to the line several times when he should have just hit the line. I don’t think that he is very happy with being taken out on 3rd downs. I thought Charles looked good. Chan should be doing more “Reggie Bush” type plays with him.All in all I was sad we didn’t win; but I don’t think that we embarrased ourselves either. Losing to the Pats by 7 probably is better than most of us expected.So be of good cheer diehard Chiefs fans……….we’re getting better and I hope to see better than a 4-12 season.GO CHIEFS!!"


"I seen some pretty postive things. Albert played pretty good considering that he had not played in the preseason. Pollard looked better than I ever seen him. Surtain looked better than I expected, and all the young guys seemed to do pretty good. The defense played well except for the one letdown on the long pass out of the patriots endzone.As far as our quarterback play. I am a brodie backer, and think he might have a chance, but this guy has to stay healthy. As well I am starting to worry about the coaches confidence in him. He has a great arm, but they are not letting him throw the ball down the feild at all. In this game and all last year play calling when Brodie is in the game is run into the pile of players and throw passes between 0 and 5 yards down the feild. When Huard is in there they seem to throw the ball more often and throw it downfield, where Damon clearly does not have the armstrength to throw it.I would just like to see a play action pass with Croyle in the game that goes more than 10 yards down the field.Now may greatest fear for this year may come true in that I want Croyle healthy so we can truly evaluate him and know if we need to move in a different direction.Now for a couple of concerning things. The right side of the oline was scary bad. I thought macintosh would struggle, but he was worse than I expected. I thought larry looked okay considering when he got to the line of scrimmage in most cases there were several bodies in the “hole” he was supposed to run in.On closing: Please I don’t want to hear how Huard is our saviour. The play calling was much less conservative when he was in there. The 2 big throws he made, one was blown coverage and the other Dbowe made. there were a few throws that were horrible and he was lucky there was only one interception. He also is sack waiting to happen back there. I actually thought brodie played better than his stats indicated. He was pretty accurate and made decent decisions, but the conservative play calling and 3 drops didn’t help.Overall I guess I would have been pretty happy with having a chance to tie on the last play before the game started, but am I little dissapointed because I really thought we had a chance to steal that one."