Dec 8, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders (88) returns a kick-off against the Miami Dolphins during the fourth quarter at Heinz Field. The Miami Dolphins won 34-28. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Emmanuel Sanders' Agent, Steve Weinberg, Denies Having Verbal Agreement With Kansas City Chiefs

The agent for Emmanuel Sanders, Steve Weinberg, has final commented on the situation with the Chiefs and the apparent non-agreement he and his client had with the team. Weinberg released a press release stating there was never an agreement with the Chiefs.

From the press release:

“Contrary to Saturday’s report, this never was a case of Weinberg calling numerous NFL teams to “shop the Kansas City deal.” Firstly, when Sanders left the building, there was no deal — not in principle or otherwise. Second, this failure to seal the deal is what led other disclosed and undisclosed NFL teams to call Sanders and Weinberg directly, not the other way around. Weinberg did not make even one such call to “shop the deal.” Weinberg was far more concerned with Sanders making his flight to San Francisco, and told him to hurry to the airport.

“While Sanders was en route to the airport, Weinberg received a call from a Chiefs executive. Weinberg was told that if Sanders would turn the car around and return to the building, the Chiefs were prepared to improve their offer.

“At the same time, the Bucs front office was also calling Weinberg with a new offer. With two new offers in hand, and still no offer from the 49ers, Sanders told Weinberg that for now, he had decided not to visit California. Instead, he instructed the driver to turn the car around.

“However, when Weinberg got Sanders on the phone with Chiefs executive, the X amount of money – the reason the car turned around – was no longer there. The new amount the Chiefs spoke of was $4 million less than it had been just moments ago.

“Weinberg then told Sanders to turn the car back around, get to the airport and fly to San Francisco as planned. As Weinberg continued to negotiate with Tampa, other teams were still calling. Then, out of the blue, Weinberg got a call from the Denver Broncos — Sanders’ first choice of teams from the very beginning. The Broncos told Weinberg they had been trying to sign another receiver on Saturday, but were unsuccessful, and they heard Sanders might still be available. If so, they were prepared to offer a three-year contract in the price range Sanders was looking for. Denver asked Weinberg to hold tight while they worked on preparing a formal offer. Sanders received a text from Weinberg that Denver had just called and they would have an offer soon.

“While waiting for Denver’s offer. Weinberg continued fielding calls from numerous teams interested in Sanders. With the phones ringing constantly, Weinberg was simply unable to take every call, and planned on checking his voicemail as soon as he could. Weinberg noticed the Chiefs had called, but there was no message.

“Sanders had already missed his flight, and there was no urgency to finalize anything.

“Waiting to hear back from Denver, Weinberg e-mailed the 49ers with news Sanders won’t be making his flight as planned. He then responded to the Chiefs’ latest offer, which had been sent to him via e-mail. With his client overwhelmed, Weinberg told the Chiefs what he had been telling all the teams – he and Sanders would review their offers that evening.

“The Chiefs replied about 10 minutes later; “No need to review it, Steve. Had you picked up your phone when we were calling, you would know that we have pulled the offer.”

“Weinberg was dumbfounded. After receiving a series of angry and threatening text messages, Weinberg realized that the Chiefs had obviously misinterpreted what was happening and jumped to unreasonable conclusions. They wrongfully assumed Weinberg was not picking up his phone because he was too busy calling other teams and “shopping” their “deal”. This was most definitely not the case.

“Reports all seem to criticize Weinberg for not honoring an oral agreement that did not exist; yet it was the Chiefs who actually pulled out of the deal — before Denver ever submitted their formal offer to Sanders.

“When Weinberg did finally receive Denver’s offer Saturday evening, he contacted Sanders to go over the details. Sanders was ecstatic, as were the Broncos. With Kansas City having pulled their offer, Sanders was choosing between Tampa Bay and Denver. Signing with the team he originally wanted was a no brainer.”

Weinberg’s statement:

“If we reached or agreed to terms with the Chiefs, we would have signed with Kansas City and never turned back. There were absolutely no handshakes, verbal agreements or signed documents when Sanders left the Chiefs facility. Emmanuel was on his way to the airport when teams called us. We didn’t ‘shop any deals’ or ‘reach out’ to a single team. My fiduciary responsibility is to the players I represent and not to the NFL teams or their ‘good ole boys’ tactics.”


I don’t trust this Weinberg guy at all. “Then, out of the blue, Weinberg got a call from the Denver Broncos…” Riiiiight.

There is zero benefit for John Dorsey to make up a story like this. In the short period of time Dorsey has been in Kansas City we have come to realize the team keeps information close to the vest and does not leak out stories or rumors. The idea he would suddenly leak a story to Ian Rapoport because he was bitter about losing Sanders, which is basically what Weinberg is implying here, seems absurd.

This whole situation is only making me angrier.

You can read the entire press release (yes, there’s even more) and the full statements from Weinberg and Sanders at National Football Post. Aaron Wilson has the story.


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  • Lyle Graversen

    I think the reputations of those involved are all you need to figure this one out.

  • Jason Seibel

    Because a highly respected Exec of the Year would lie about how the story happened. Riiiiiggghhhht.

    • Ray Robinson

      I thought the Chiefs were responsible from the beginning. You don’t let a player out of the building with an agreement in principal, you sign them! The front office tried to save face by making Sanders the bad guy.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    The fact that it’s taken you three days to comment aside.

    Sure, we believe Sanders stayed the night in Kansas City because the two sides weren’t close. Sure, we believe Denver called with an offer (sight unseen) while he was still in Kansas City visiting with the Chiefs. Sure, we believe that in an effort to keep Sanders from boarding a plane at the airport, the Chiefs would call you instead of Sanders (despite you not being with him at the time). Sure, we believe the Chiefs asked Sanders to turn the car around for a less lucrative offer. Sure, we believe Sanders was so ticked off by it that he again changed his mind and decided to fly out to San Francisco (despite the fact that they hadn’t made an offer, which is initially why he opted not to visit). Sure, we believe the Broncos just so happened to know what Sanders asking price was without any inside information. Sure, we believe the team threatened you via text (as though those communications can’t be kept, saved, and forwarded to the league office or to publications). Yep. That ALL makes sense.

    Time for the team to go after this clown and the dirty Denver Broncos with both guns blazing.
    File a grievance.

    He should’ve kept his mouth shut and left well enough alone. The Chiefs appeared to be ready to walk away from this situation without pursuing their complaint. Not sure why you wanna wake a sleeping giant.

    • Ray Robinson

      I understand how you feel as a Chiefs fan, & being loyal! I thought the Chiefs were responsible from the beginning. You don’t let a player out of the building with an agreement in principal, you sign them! The front office tried to save face by making Sanders the bad guy.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        If the Chiefs were hellbent on villainizing someone, they would’ve adressed the situation publicly. The opposite happened. Dorsey actually abstained from commenting. The narrative that Weinberg and Sanders have presented doesn’t make sense.

        This is more about what’s rational than who I’m rooting for.

  • Mdsteinmeyer

    Why does the “Agent” sound like a Lawyer creating a defense to plead innocence! So who do you believe, the innocent Agent or the Guilty Lawyer?

  • Tristian

    If you expect ppl to believe that the call from Denver happened out of the blue then weinberg is more of an idiot than I thought. First of all if Denver was Sanders first choice wouldn’t he have went there first? The agent works for HIM not the other way around. Secondly if you expect me to believe the chiefs brass badgered you in any way you need to go sell that weed to the highest bidder. Thats a bunch of nonsense. I do believe Denver knew about this and didn’t say anything. After all how would we know? Ben thanks for the post and I have to say I wish there was a way to prove the b.s. Weinberg has cooked up but it’s ok. The chiefs will still be fine. Go chiefs!

  • Troy Utt

    Why would anyone believe Dorsey & the Chiefs were not 100% upfront about the entire ordeal as compared to Weinberg? Afterall Dorsey is a respected front office man with years of credentials speaking for him!
    On the other hand we have Weinberg a newly reinstated NFL agent coming off an eight year suspension for his illegal actions. An agent who once had 42 clients that was caught funneling money into offshore accounts, & now only has one other besides Sanders to accomodate!
    I believe I’m siding with Dorsey on this, only a Donkey will see it any other way…

  • Nobody

    Just light his ass up on the field!

  • Montez K.

    I hope that they request these e-mail and text records that they spoke up…Make Weinberg prove it! Snake

  • Brian Dempsey

    Looks like Sanders & his agent have learned to become a clever liars just like their twin brothers Elway and Bowlen. Don’t need that type of character in KC.

  • Michael Shaw

    OK, I am almost positive that I will get a blast of you know what for saying this, but I hope Eric Berry, Sean Smith, Sanders Commings, Brandon Flowers, Cooper or our entire linebacker corps breaks this fucking kids leg the first series the Chiefs play the Donkey’s offense. I am sick and tired of the entire league dissing and shitting on our team like they do. I can almost guarantee that if this had happened to the Cowboys, 49ers, Patriots, Giants, Jets or even the new beloved Donkey’s, that the league would be stepping in to do something about this crap!!! I don’t care if no rules were legally broken, this hurt our team in many ways!! I am even more pissed about it after seeing that James Jones just signed with the fucking Raiders!!! GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy

    I think it’s time to move on from this… just sayin’.

    • Michael Shaw

      True, but if you think about it Jeremy, this move by Sanders and the Donkey’s could have affected our drafting line up and ton of other decisions the team was trying to make to get better and actually compete with the Donkey’s. It is hard to let this one go because of how blatant the level of disrespect from both Sanders and his agent and the Denver Donkeys is. just sayin………..

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Letting it slide also sets a really bad precedent.

        • Michael Shaw

          Agree 10000000000%!!!!!!!

    • Ben Nielsen

      Trust me, we’re done with this. Well, we’re done with it until the week of the first Broncos game, anyway.

  • superman_25_58

    Finally came out and commented on the issue Weinburg tooo bad it only took you Sanders and the dirty a** Broncos three days to try and get the story right!

    • Stacy D. Smith

      And the story STILL has holes in it.

      • superman_25_58

        I totally agree

  • chief fan forever

    Let me tell you, im a Denver native. Back in the day, I would go for Denver if KC was knocked out of the playoffs or something? But because of shit like this, and that horse tooth freak Elway, Fuck the donkey’s! Id rather go for the Raiders! And thats pretty bad! They could only win 2 game, as long as the wins were agents the donkey’s! It was great texting all the donkey fans I knew, asking them where there high powered offense was as they were getting there asses kicked! Lmao. But is anyone surprised they are denying it? Its like someone posted, it over, time to move on! We don’t need trash like that on the team! Let hope our D can play like we no they can, AND BLOW THEM UP! And our offense drop bombs on them all day like Seattle did! Always be a KC FAN! GO CHIEFS!!!

  •'defer='defer upperturion

    Ahhh c’mon now, the more that comes out on the matter the more spurious it sounds on Weinberg’s behalf. This dude has sealed his own fate … no one in their right mind is going to negotiate w/ a client rep like this — ohhh, except a desperate John Elway…………….buncha mile-high con-agents

  • Jeremy Campbell

    Wah I couldnt care less about denver. Fucking beakers are butt hurt

  • Better a donkey, than a queef

    Lol! Only queef fans are this retarded! The faider fans are laughing at you. An organization that hires an obese, failure as a father, man who can’t keep his own kid from killing himself and you think the queefs front office is full of stand up guys? That’s why your best football is in the past. Sit around with your thumbs in your butt……I guess it’s better than your heads……wait……never mind. That’s there too! Lol. Enjoy your top 5 draft pick! Brain donors!

    • RepOurChiefs

      No one is laughing harder than we are. Well maybe the world is! Lol 43-8 choke job. ENJOY! LOL

      • Better a donkey, than a queef

        When was the last time the queefs even made it to a Super Bowl or even a championship game?

        • RepOurChiefs

          It stings..I know. Lol

    • Ray Robinson

      Your statements show you are a failure in life! I hope you are not reproducing.

      • Better a donkey, than a queef

        That’s the best you have?!?! Are you related to Andy Reid?