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Alex Smith: ‘No Question A Bitter Taste In My Mouth’

Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith has something to prove in 2013.

Smith’s NFL story seemed to be the stuff of fairytales. He entered the league as the No. 1 overall pick by the San Francisco 49ers and was expected to continue the outstanding lineage of QB play began by Joe Montana and continued by Steve Young.

Only, Smith flopped. He failed to live up to expectations, and organizational instability at both the head coach and offensive coordinator positions seemed to be aiding in the QBs fall from grace. When new head coach, Jim Harbaugh  was hired by the 49ers in 2011, most fans expected that Smith would be one of the first players booted out the door by the new regime.

Only he wasn’t.

Harbaugh stuck with Smith and the QB’s redemption story began. Smith led the 49ers to the NFL Championship game in Harbaugh’s first season as coach. In 2012, Smith picked up where he left off and was leading the NFL in passer rating when he suffered a concussion and was forced to sit out a week.

Smith never got his job back. The fairytale had turned into a nightmare.

Ever the professional, Smith watched and supported his backup, Colin Kaepernick, as he led the 49ers to the Super Bowl.

The 49ers fell short in the big game, and after the season, Smith was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. Kansas City GM John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid handpicked Smith to be their QB of the future. Despite holding the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the KC brass felt Smith was the best QB option available and gave up a couple of high draft picks to acquire him.

Despite handling the situation in San Francisco with grace, Smith isn’t afraid to admit he has a chip on his shoulder, now that he is a Chief.

“I don’t know if there’s anything I’m going to change as far as playing,” said Smith on The Boarder Patrol on Sports Radio 810 recently when asked if losing his job in San Fran made him feel as if he had something to prove or change as a QB in KC. “Obviously I’m going to strive to continue to get better and better. But nothing drastic jumps out at me. Just continue to try to play the position as best I can and try to learn and I feel like I’m around a lot of great minds here at the facility between coach Reid, coach Peterson and coach Nagy.”

Smith continued:

“I have a lot to prove. The goal is to get one of those rings and to hold up that trophy and constantly working towards that. I feel like the last couple years, having been close, kind of having seen it and not gotten it and in a sense, what happened last year with an injury and then not playing at the end of the year…no question a bitter taste in my mouth. It’s something I feel only winning will get rid of.”

I have no problem with Smith admitting that he has a bitter taste in his mouth after what happened in San Francisco. Hopefully the QB can use the chip on his shoulder as extra motivation to work even harder at getting his new team to the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs certainly got a class act when they traded for Alex and if Smith can continue to play in KC the way he did the last two years in San Fran, the Chiefs could find themselves back in the playoff mix.

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  • DTVTechGuy

    I hope we meet and then smash the 9′ers in the SB.

    • steve james

      I hope if that happens I have the Scratch to be there!

      • Da Menace

        Money comes and goes but memories last a life time. Shoot If your wife is like mine sell a couple hundred pairs of her shoes to go!

        • steve james

          Lol she isn’t into shoes that much. I am afraid it will come down to me selling some guns and ammo. At least right now they would go for a good price.

    • Joe Gabriel

      worry bout gettin in the playoffs homie…

    • aaron hang

      you should worried about the Bronco’s first… The 49ers are in a different level than the Chiefs at the moment….

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    The problem is unless Reid really changes his philosophy (longtime Eagles fan here) Smith is gonna struggle. HOPEFULLY Reid has a diff football philosophy so Smith will flourish..he def got screwed last year…and it will be great to see him have success outside the shadow of Harbaugh and the overall really good 49ers team.

    • Calchiefsfan

      Why do you think Reid and Smith aren’t a good match? Don’t want to debate just want to hear your take on it having watched AR all these years.

      • A Big Butt and a Smile

        Reid doesn’t like to run the ball – more specifically he doesn’t like to run to set up the pass, just run to churn up the clock if there is a lead.

        He is the definition of pass happy – now the good think is b/c he has Smith he may return to the screen game that he used a lot with McNabb – but the last few years he was seduced by Vick’s big arm and Jackson’s speed so often there were no hot reads or check downs available.

        He doesn’t have the WR run option routes – so if things change, they really don’t have the liberty to adjust accordingly or have the extra play if A happens do this but if B happens do this.

        And while this last one isn’t Smith specific – he’s stubborn as hell and this catches up to him in big games (or close games) – he wants to win his way and just isn’t good about making game time adjustments – this is why he can lead you to the big dance (or near the big dance) and still not get it done.

        • Calchiefsfan

          Great analysis BB. Thanks for the insight. Sounds like Marty Schottenhiemer. Pardon the spelling.

        • Paul Aguirre

          I’m new to the Chiefs, realy a San Francisco guy and a fan of Alex Smith.
          If you look back at A Reid in the early years of the Eagles , you will see he did run the ball alot. He used Staley, 1,500 yards in 2002 and Brian Westbrook, 945 yd , Staley 845 yds in 2003 as examples. When he had running backs who could produce , he ran a balanced attack. I would expect that he will do the same for the Chiefs, with Alex playing the mistake free ball that he is known for, the Cheifs are going to be a balanced team that will be very diffcult to defend.

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            It’s not really the yards you have to concern yourself with Reid. You have to look at WHEN he runs the ball – Reid would run play action which no one was fooled by ’cause he NEVER ran the ball.

            He never used Westbrook as he should have. Reid will run the ball – when he has a lead or he’s trying to run down the clock – but rarely as part of a balanced offensive scheme.

            Look I like Reid. Think he’s a great coach – it was time for him to leave the Eagles and I really think he can turn KC around – but if he’s gonna get to the big dance and WIN – those are some small (well big) things he’s going to need to change.

        • BurtGummer44

          The Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game in 20 years and only 3 since the merger. So if he even wins 1 playoff game in KC he’ll be a hero, win a SB and they’ll name the City after him.

          • A Big Butt and a Smile

            LOL. Like I said he’s a great coach and can definitely turn an organization around. KC will likely win MANY playoff games in the very near future.

          • antony555

            And you say that to say what and you live in a city that shoots opposing teams fans, filly boy…

        • antony555

          Well now he has Bowe and Charles so with a wide out and running back like Jamaal Reid has options and the Defense will not be bad either!

    • antony555

      Philly had an excellent coach in Reid, and as for Chip Kelly that is yet to be determined at the pro level, but as far as the two teams are concerned it appears they are moving in the same direction and that is well conditioned players and very fast paced offenses and strong tough defenses as with the ponies but the only problem is Denver has only manning and if he is hurt there go’s the season but the other teams mentioned have backups that can step in and save the season. What of the 9ners now that Smith is gone.. Coach bad move *lax!

  • KcNdaRock

    The 9ers messed up going with kap. He’s a solid qb but eventually hell get hit one to many times like rg3 did.. You can ask a qb to put the team on his back. You can’t ask a qb to put the team on his back and run the run the damn ball..

    • KcNdaRock

      Oops meant to say run the damn ball!!

      • aaron hang

        DUDE you haven’t watched how kaepernick play yet…He use his legs to get away to pass… Pass first QB

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      Naw. The Ravens took away Kaep’s ability to run and he did well with his arm. Kaep can throw the ball nicely so that’s not a big concern. Shannan is a D*ck and just used RG3 badly.

    • Joe Gabriel

      lol you probably have never played football…if you play like that (worried about taking hits) you wont get shit done on the field regardless. Kaep doesnt just run the damn ball, the man can throw pretty well too. running is just another dimension he has in his skill set same with RG3. you can take away RG3′s running attack, but then you gotta account for his passing.

      • KcNdaRock

        Yea I have. Your right to can’t played scared but you ain’t gotta worry about rg3 when he can barely move.

        • Joe Gabriel

          so ur saying you’d rather take a sack than get the fuck out of the collapsing…? lol ur gonna find out why smith had nearly perfect completion rates and less picks.

          • KcNdaRock

            Gotta be better than cassel and Quinn

    • Allen Hughes

      Why do you think Kaep took over, genius? Smithers was running for his life and got his bell rung.

      • KcNdaRock

        Yea running for his life and one hit is all it took to knock him out and enter kaep.. The mobile qb is good but 1 hit from losing everything. I haven’t watched to much of kaep I know what I have seen I’ve liked. I think smith would have led San Fran to a sb win.. simply because he would have been passing from th start. the ravens shut down the run then tthey had sucess in the passing game kaep is the future of the franchise he needs the expirence..

        • Joe Gabriel

          and again your wrong. Kaep made plays down the stretch of the season alex smith couldnt make. Im a niners fan…i watched alex smith from the start. and one con you’ll see this season is his limited arm strength. Alex smith isnt going to give you 250+ yards passing. the run game sets up his passing attack, and if he’s passing, he’s going to his security blanket VD, or hitting crabtree on intermediate routes. I honestly think at best, we wouldve lost to the packers (barely) or lost in the NFC championship.

          • KcNdaRock

            Y’all would have won the NFC championship game the year before if it was for so team mistakes.. I’m a die hard chiefs fan and I will say a smith does have flaws but not like y’all think.. The previous 2 years the man matured into a good ball player. I like the miners always have always will but u run the ball with your rbs to set up play action. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl I saw the highlights but the game happened to fall on the 1st week of the season and I was outta town.. So I only caught the last half by the time my plane landed. Good luck to you all this year and hope we meet in the Super Bowl cause the last 2 years we’ve held the ravens to 9 PTs and our offensive has only scored 3 so I hoping a smith will change that

  • ArrowFan

    I like it one guy with internal fire is worth 10 on the battlefield.

  • hackphx

    Nothing but admiration for Smith. Class act, but he was poorly coached for a long time. If he wants to “get better” he needs to upgrade the metronome in his head. He’s cautious about interceptions, but he has to get the ball out a shade faster and into a tight window that doesn’t take the receiver out of stride or posture. Is Reid smart enough to know that? of course. Is Smith able to do it? He just needs to envision the risk he took on his throw to Vernon Davis when all the chips were on the table against NO. Then he needs to remember that all the chips are on the table, all of the time. Ask Peyton, Favre, Montana, Rogers, Brady, Marino. That’s the difference,right there.

    • BurtGummer44

      Great leader? Check!

      Great human being off the field? Check!

      Former 49er? Check!

      Great in regular season? Check!

      Throws short of the chains on 3rd down to protect the football at all costs, in all situations? Check!

      Limited upside? Check!

      Average-at-best throwing arm? Check!

      Gave up too much to get him? Check!

      Marty Schottenheimer says this guy can WIN in the playoffs as long as the defense and the rest of the team don’t mess up. DOUBLE CHECK!!

      • steve james

        So I take it you were on the Geno train with Micha then?

        • BurtGummer44

          I’m on the Draft and Develop a franchise QB train because this is a QB driven league . The let’s trade for a retread QB strategy has lead to a paltry 3 playoff wins since the merger in 1970. Pathetic really, more KC fans should be pissed off. After all at this rate a KC playoff win is literally a once in a lifetime event.

          • steve james

            I am all for who gives us the best chance to get to a Superbowl. I don’t think any qb in the draft this year was that man and so did Reid & Dorsey. That is not to say Tyler won’t work out but for now Smith was and is the best option. Surely you agree he is better than any thing we could have drafted? A lot of the core players are going to be past their peak by the time you would have drafted and developed a rookie.

          • BurtGummer44

            Yeah, he’s a place holder until they can find a franchise QB (I hope) in a year or two. However they gave up more than he’s worth, so l’m suspicious about them placing all their bets on him panning out to be a Great QB. My problem is with all these A Smith sycophants making stupid predictions and statements. It seems this guy has a a whole gaggle of SF Groupies who’ve never watched a Chiefs game, but now they’re experts.

  • AndroidBrian

    Kick ass Smith! Well just win 8 games so SF can get that 2nd round pick!

  • aaron hang

    Good Luck Alex Smith get us Niners that second round pick next year.. Beat the Raiders LOL

    • antony555

      What would you do with another pick dam you guys had so many picks this year you couldn’t use them are pay them. If you don’t win it this year the window is closed Alex got out at the right the, that’s the problem with a good team everyone wants to get paid ask, NO and Baltimore…

  • Patrick

    I hope KC does well this season, I’ve been a Smith fan since he was at Utah. Class act and awesome guy off the field as well as on it.

  • AJ Z

    As a 49ERS fan, I hope Alex gets his championship in KC. He deserves it!

  • Doug Furry

    Smith has a bad taste in his mouth? How about all the 49ers fans who watched him stink the place up for 8 years?