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It's The Media's Fault Romeo Crennel Is So Confused

Oh, Romeo, Romeo, whyfore* art thou so confused, Romeo?

*Note to our copy editors Natasha and Franklin: I am aware that whyfore probably isn’t a word,** even in Shakespearean English, but just go with me here.

**Paddy, I’ll allow creative license here. –NS

So yesterday, Chiefs head coach* Romeo Crennel was asked why WR Steve Breaston hasn’t been active on game day recently. As you know, Breaston was the Chiefs’ #2 receiver last season after Dwayne Bowe. He played a little bit early this season but has since dropped off the radar. Pretty simple question from the media. They asked what Breaston needed to do to get back on to the field. Crennel, to his credit, gave a pretty simple response.

Or so we thought!

*For about three more weeks.

He needs to show that he has a great understanding of the game plan and he can execute the game plan. If he can do that, then he can be in uniform.

Now I don’t know about you, but it sure sounded to me like Crennel was saying that Breaston needes to show that he has a great understanding of the game plan. You know, cause he said “He needs to show he has a great understanding of the game plan.”

So that is what Breaston needs to do to get on the field, right? That must mean that the last couple of weeks, in which Breaston hasn’t been active, that he must be having issues understanding the offense. I mean, you know, ’cause that is what we’re all talking about, right?

Well, the statement from Crennel led to a little bit of confusion on the part of Steve Breaston, who clearly didn’t enjoy the fact that his head coach threw him under the bus in front of the media.

Here is how he responded yesterday:

I don’t think it’s been expressed to me. I understand the offense. They may feel a different way then so be it. You can’t fight city hall. I go out there and work. Maybe better understand the offense is not going out there and being a decoy and things like that. Maybe me wanting the ball and things like that, I get upset about that, but I understand this offense. Maybe I’ll find out in the meetings what that really means.

So today, Crennel took the podium once again to clear up the matter.

And what he wanted to clear up, was that his words don’t mean what they mean and that the media is at fault for believing that his words mean what they mean.

‘Cause apparently they mean something else.

“See, I’m going to tell you guys right now, because I’m a little irked about that,” Crennel said today, “that statement I made yesterday was a generic statement. A generic statement. It could be applied to any position on the team, any player on the team. And you guys took it to mean that he didn’t know the game plan. I never said he didn’t know the game plan, never said that. So, Steve Breaston knows the game plan. That’s what I’m clarifying.”


Let me try to simplify this like it is a question on the SAT for morons.

Stevie needs to know the game plan to get onto the football field. The last two weeks, Stevie hasn’t been allowed on the football field.

The reason Stevie hasn’t been on the field is because:

A. Stevie didn’t know the game plans.
B. Stevie slept in and forgot to drive to the stadium.
C. Stevie’s head coach forgot he was on the team.

Jiminy Christmas! Is there really any more doubt, other than the atrocious QB play, why the Kansas City Chiefs stink so bad?

Crennel didn’t even stop there.

“Because I say that,” Crennel continued, “you think that he doesn’t know the game plan? If I said that about the quarterback, would you assume that the quarterback didn’t know the game plan? [Reporter says yes.] You know what, that’s something about assume, you shouldn’t assume. Because you know what happens when you assume.

“Yeah, Steve Breaston knows the game plan. You know what, these guys have been together and hanging together all year and I know that, hey, there’s nothing good to write about, but don’t assume that a guy doesn’t know the game plan, that a guy’s not smart or anything like that. I make the decision about who’s active and who’s not active and he has not been active because it’s my decision and that’s what I go with. Not on the player. So don’t do that to the player.”

Let that be a lesson to you media-types and fans alike. Don’t you dare go assuming that Romeo Crennel means what he says or even that his words mean what the dictionary tells you they mean.

‘Cause they might mean something else.

Especially if his words are “generic” even if he was asked a direct question about a specific player.

Remember kids, 2 + 2 = 4, unless Romeo Crennel is doing the math, in which case it might add up to 6 or even -3.

(h/t Arrowhead Pride for the Crennel quotes)

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  • http://twitter.com/biglump007 Leon Ritz

    Yeah, High Romeo this is the team, your a retard. For the life of me I do not understand how Romeo can obviuosly say Breaston doesn’t understand the game plan and then say that’s not what I said. And then to tell the reporters don’t do that to the players, uhhhh they didn’t you did. Listening to Romeo do a press conference is like listening to a three year old try to tell you what happened when they know they are in trouble. I know there are only three games left in the season but can the Chiefs really take three more weeks of this much embarrassment by a clearly retarded head coach.

  • chiefridgy

    Fire this bumbling fool!!!

    I just watched the news conference with crennel……How can one man be so clueless?

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.abuhl Nicholas Abuhl

    Hahaha actually got a laugh and smile for once on something related to the chiefs. Please get him away from the chiefs. Good grief.


    This is just one of the many moronic statements that have been forthcoming from the ‘SAGE OF ARROWHEAD DRIVE”. I swear, I can’t be the only one who has no clue what Crennel is saying. But, ya’ know what? He is the only one that is in management, coaching or ownership who says anything at all. Look, Breaston is not playing for some reason, legitimate or not. I am pretty sure that we will never know what that reason is. But I have a question for Romeo, oh Romeo. “Say, coach, are we really that loaded at the receiver position that we can afford to sit Breaston”?
    “Well, let me just say in answer to your question, if Steve really knew the playbook just a little better than before he thought he knew it, then he would be in a better position to know that he would need to be in a better position to know the game plan and then he would be in uniform so that if he be………..Wait. What was your question?

    Romeo, I understand.

  • Chief Hokie

    Remember when crennel used to be so straightforward with the media? What ever happened to THAT?

  • Danny W

    Play Better Football
    no scratch that I mean
    Play Good Football
    Don’t get my words twisted.

    • chiefridgy

      He should have tried…”play gooder football than them other guys”

  • gjrchief

    Im not argueing that romeo is a good coach… but if you can’t follow the leap the media, or yourselves have made, youre far more incompetant than him. He specifically said GREAT understanding, which in no way means that he does not know the game plan at all. It is fairly clear from steves statement that the game plans lately have involved him being a decoy. He wants the ball. Unhappy workers are unproductive ones. Assume with me for a moment that steve is unhappy being a decoy… maybe he is taking plays off, running bad routes, mouthing off about wanting the ball more. He understands he is a decoy, but is failing to understand how that could help the team win (great understanding). Therefore… bench his ass and give a rookie off the street a chance for all I care… we don’t need chris chambers 2.0.

    • http://twitter.com/biglump007 Leon Ritz

      You don’t think your ASSUMPTIONS are making a huge leap. I think everyone but you are taking Romeos comments at face value. I look at it like this I’ve seen Romeos press conferences and know how he has sounded over the last three months, he keep sounding more and more like he is lost. I also know I have never heard one negative word about Breaston so why would I assume he is all of a sudden to lazy to work or a bad guy. I think Romeo was caught off guard by the first Breaston question and said the first thing that came to mind, when it got back to the player and Breaston questioned Romeo about it he tried to put it on the media. But then again I could be wrong maybe I misunderstood what Romeo was saying when he said I don’t know why we played so bad or I don’t know why Jamaal only had 5 carries. Funny how he seems to say stupid things then try to clean them up the next day. Maybe the Chiefs should just send the PR guy out there and not Romeo.

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      I think I explained pretty extensively that Romeo’s words were foolish. He is responsible for what he says. If everybody that covers the Chiefs interpreted his words the same way, the problem clearly isn’t us. This is a pretty good example of a lack of accountability on the part of the head coach. All of this is part of his job.

      • http://twitter.com/biglump007 Leon Ritz

        When the reporters read the quotes to Breaston he understood them the same as the rest of us so I guess he was wrong too.

  • drakemcvey

    i had the same quality conversation with my grandpa the other day…in the alzhiemers ward of the nursing home. maybe thats where romeo belongs

  • Michael Shaw

    He appears clueless because he is a DC not a HC. Some guys are great at being either DC or OC and not so great at the HC position. He did good in three games last year and got a second chance to be HC. He is failing and he cannot figure out why. I can. Pioli wouldn’t likely let them get a good QB because he was sold on Matt “giving up the” Cassel as being our savior and he was just an over paid back up that shouldn’t have been our starter. We only gave up a 2nd rounder, but we then turned around and paid him $60 Million before he even put on our uniform. They should have let him play out his deal with Pats and then given him a contract commensurate of how well/bad he played the first year with this team.