Derrick Gore looks crowded out of KC Chiefs running back room

The 2021 fan favorite of the Kansas City Chiefs running back by committee is the same guy who will be on the outside looking in for the 2022 season: Derrick Gore.

Gore appeared in 11 games last year, receiving 51 carries for 256 yards and 2 touchdowns. It was a season-long, 51-yard touchdown run that left Chiefs fans begging for him to receive a greater involvement in the offense. Whether or not Gore could actually produce full-game and season-long efforts reminiscent of those few electrifying runs will remain in question, however, as he is the most likely candidate to fall short of making the roster in the upcoming season.

Gore produced over 5 yards per carry last year, and both of his touchdowns were lengthy and exciting, but there is a glaring question to be posed in regards to his playing time: if everything about him was so good, why was he RB3 for most of the season and RB4 when Jerick McKinnon was available?

Derrick Gore looks like the man who is left standing outside of the Kansas City Chiefs running back room at this stage.

McKinnon—another guy that many fans were pounding the table for last year—was rarely available, and still always got the nod over Gore. Clyde Edwards-Helaire has one of the highest disapproval ratings among any fan base in football, and he was always the guy when fully healthy (go back and check the record if you’re wondering about last year’s playoffs). Darrel Williams was made to take on dual-threat responsibilities in Andy Reid’s scheme over Derrick Gore getting a single start. The bottom line, which seems to be glaring with, all things considered, is that he’s just not the guy.

With CEH at full health coming into the season for the first time in his career, Ronald Jones being paid to contribute, Jerick McKinnon brought back for depth, and a rookie class consisting of overlooked players who Brett Veach admires, there is simply no room for Gore.

Maybe he moves on and becomes a bell cow for somebody else and I eat my words, but he won’t be that player for the Chiefs. At least not this year.