A Chiefs fan’s guide to the NFL Draft: The Safeties

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Damon Webb – Ohio State – 5’11” – 209 pounds

When I first starting researching safeties I saw several places where Ohio State’s Damon Webb was listed as a late round guy. I think that is really underselling him. I think Webb may be my second favorite pure coverage safety in this draft class behind Jessie Bates. Webb converted to safety from cornerback and it definitely shows up in his coverage sometimes. While I wouldn’t put his agility on Bates level he definitely has good reactions in coverage. Here is a play where Webb sees a play developing and picks up a receiver outside in time to prevent a touchdown.

What is also impressive for a converted corner was his ability to play deep like a true free safety. Check out this play where he reads the quarterback and starts to break toward his initial read but doesn’t jump on the pump fake. He then adjusts to where the quarterback goes on his second read and can get there in time to break up the pass. This is exactly the kind of coverage that the Chiefs need in Ron Parker’s old spot. Side note, if you like film breakdown guys, Ted Nguyen is a fantastic follow on Twitter (@FB_FilmAnalysis) even if he is a Raiders fan.

I think Webb is worthy of a third round pick but he’s typically mocked or predicted later than that. If the Chiefs took Webb in the fourth round I think it would be a fantastic pick. I think he would have a great chance to earn the starting free safety position as a rookie for the Chiefs and if you can get that in the fourth round I think that’s a home run of a pick.

The other mid round guy I like for the Chiefs is a small school prospect.