Kansas City Chiefs: Possible free agent replacements for Marcus Peters

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Kyle Fuller – Chicago Bears

If you have spent much time online since the Marcus Peters trade was announced, the one name you have probably heard mentioned the most as a possible replacement is the Chicago Bears’ Kyle Fuller. This makes a lot of sense for several reasons. The first is that Kyle is the brother of newly acquired cornerback Kendall Fuller. Now, just because the Chiefs now have Kyle’s brother on their roster doesn’t mean they have an advantage over the rest of the league, but it doesn’t hurt either. The other reason this move makes sense is that Kyle Fuller is a very talented young cornerback.

Fuller has shown enough promise on his rookie deal that it could actually mean the Chiefs would have to win a sizable bidding war for his services. If Fuller’s deal ends up being in the same league as Trumaine Johnson and Malcolm Butler, I have a hard time imagining the Chiefs will be the team giving it to him. Still, if you’re going to invest big money in a corner Fuller wouldn’t be a bad option.

First off, he’s only 26 years old. So you aren’t paying “prime years” price for a guy that may not play as well during the span of the contract. The team that signs Fuller will be getting his prime years. Second, he was a great cornerback for the Bears last season. He was tied for second in the league with 22 pass deflections. That stat by itself isn’t a firm indicator of a cornerback being good (Terrance Mitchell was tied for sixth with 18). However, when you combine those pass deflections with the following you get a picture of Fuller’s play last season.


So Kyle Fuller was amongst the league leaders in pass deflections, overall passer rating allowed, and passer rating allowed on deep throws. All that and he’s only 26 years old? Yeah, sign me up.

As I already mentioned, all those reasons I’d be for the Chiefs signing Fuller are reasons MOST NFL teams will be wanting to sign him as well. That could lead to an inflated contract and potentially the Chiefs going on to another option. Still, having both Fuller brothers in the Chiefs secondary next season is a tempting thought.

If the Chiefs aren’t in the running for Fuller’s services then who else could they target?