The Kansas City Chiefs have a winning formula

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 16: Wide receiver Tyreek Hill
KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 16: Wide receiver Tyreek Hill /
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3. Throw the ball to Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill

There are two parts to this element of the winning formula. First is consistently getting the ball to two of the most talented pass catchers in the entire NFL. This just makes too much sense. If you have the most athletic tight end in football and the fastest wide receiver in the NFL, you have to get them the football and let them use their freakish talents. If you don’t, you have lost a game with two HUGE bullets left in the chamber. That’s stupid.

If the Chiefs throw the ball to Kelce and Hill each 5-10 times in a game and still lose, then so be it. The other team just outplayed them. However, if the Chiefs lose and either or both of these insane talents didn’t hardly sniff the ball, then that is inexcusable.

A defense can sell out to stop the run. A defense can double or triple team one guy to take him out of the game. They can’t do that to two different targets though, not without leaving things wide open for the run game or the other targets in the passing game. If the Chiefs are committed to getting Kelce and Hill the ball, they can. Period.

That brings me to the second part of this element of the winning formula. Alex Smith has to throw the football. That sounds overly simplistic, and it is, but that is often Smith’s downfall. He hesitates. He has two elite weapons. Trust them Alex. They’re great at their jobs and you are an accurate passer. Pull. The. Trigger.

When Smith lets the ball go and targets Hill and Kelce good things happen (frankly, you could add Kareem Hunt out of the backfield to that list, too). When he hesitates and lets the defense close in on him bad things tend to happen. So the Chiefs have to game plan to get both Kelce and Hill touches and Smith has to just trust them and get the ball out to them. If the Chiefs do that I trust that they will make enough plays in the passing game to win.

Finally, let’s talk about the defense’s essential part of the winning formula.