Future of the Chiefs: Eric Berry or Dontari Poe

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Dorsey has a tough job ahead of him. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Dorsey has a tough job ahead of him. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

It’s not an easy decision, and that’s even more the case for John Dorsey who will actually have to answer for the choice he makes.  One of the less enviable parts of the General Manager is that he has to answer the questions that the fans and media are asking.

And when it comes to a choice between Eric Berry and Dontari Poe…that’s about as big a “no win” situation as you can have (until the team is winning, of course).

As for me…I have to put myself in the Eric Berry camp.  The financial aspect, matched with the availability of a quality replacement makes Berry the better investment in my book.  The Chiefs will have a harder time finding a player of his caliber, and he’s cheaper to keep.

On top of that, there is the morale factor for both the team and the fan base.  Dontari Poe is popular and respected, but Eric Berry’s comeback has placed him on another level.  All in all, I just feel that what we lose with letting Poe walk is more readily replaced than what we lose by letting Berry go.

Now, is there a scenario where both players are retained?  Yes.  John Dorsey has demonstrated his ability to weave salary cap magic before, and can do so again.  However, given the size of these contracts, it doesn’t seem a likely avenue.

Re-signing both Berry and Poe would require the team to move on from other talented players.  And while Dorsey has shown he has no qualms with that, it doesn’t seem worth it, in my book, to risk the entire team falling apart on the count of retaining stars.

So put me in favor of the Chiefs re-signing Eric Berry.  Of course I will still want them to make an effort at keeping Dontari Poe, but I do not see a new contract for him as a likely outcome.