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Tamba Hali Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley- USA TODAY Sports
Tamba Hali Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley- USA TODAY Sports /
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Marcus Peters. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger- USA TODAY Sports
Marcus Peters. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger- USA TODAY Sports /

Inspiration- being energized by another

The Chiefs are full of those external amphetamines. Eric Berry’s story is enough to raise the dead. But there’s more than that here in cattle country. Derrick Johnson’s return from an Achilles injury last season that saw him make another Pro Bowl was incredible to watch.

Adam Teicher wrote a piece this week called, Chiefs rookie CBs look at Marcus Peters with a measure of awe in which he quotes KeiVarae Russell, one of the Chiefs new cornerbacks who was selected in the third round,

"“Just being able to play opposite someone [Peters] who is considered a big corner, great with his hands, great when the ball is in the air … I think it is going to be a great time for me and him and the rest of the guys in the secondary.”"

Imagination- the ability to envision what you want

Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Perhaps you’ve noticed a pattern of John Dorsey drafting players with a good head on their shoulders. So, it’s no stretch of the “imagination” that the new defensive backfield will be as good if not better in 2016.

To quote Robert Preston, playing the part of Professor Harold Hill in “The Music Man”

"“Think men, think!”"

The new Chiefs corners can not only be inspired to play like a great cornerback but can imagine becoming great corners. They can hold that image in their heads… and you can attribute that mostly to Marcus Peters. Compared to corners who were drafted by other teams this year, these Chiefs corners have a visual template for how to become great. In sports… seeing yourself doing what you want to do… before you go to do it… can mean everything in becoming a success.

Intrinsic Motivation- a reason to believe

Some of our newest Chiefs are already self-motivated. KeiVarae Russell seems to be on a mission, or at least he’s touting and tooting his success horn early. That kind of confidence is good for the Chiefs, especially coming from a rookie.


Positive Interdependence

John Wooden was perhaps the greatest college basketball coach of all time  winning ten championships in 12 seasons, between 1964-1976. In one of his books he wrote about what he called “The Pyramid of Success.” One of his foundational principles was “Friendship.” Wooden said,

"“Strive to build a team with camaraderie and respect: comrades-in-arms.”"

John Dorsey and Andy Reid keep preaching about getting the right kinds of guys for the locker room. That’s a huge part of their team success: positive interdependence. That may sound like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo but it essentially means: cooperation and collaboration.

When Alex Smith was interviewed this week, he was asked, “This is your fourth offseason, and I realize this offense is not chiseled in rock and it’s a fluid kind of thing, [so] how much can you really change that?” To which Alex replied,

"“Yeah, for sure, especially with coach Reid, nothing’s chiseled in rock. I mean, we are constantly changing, constantly trying to get better. I think he constantly grinds over using the talent we have.”"

The important part of that response in case you missed it was… drum roll please… “We.”

It’s hard not to see Alex Smith having another career year and the reason for that will be his command of the offense and when I say that he’s “commanding” the offense… I mean he is part author of the offense… even if that’s just a small part. Head coach  Andy Reid is “constantly trying to get better” along with Alex Smith’s help… and that is the very definition of positive interdependence.

Whether the critics can see it or appreciate that or not… is their problem. Because these Chiefs  have their own recipe for success and you can tell from the way they’re handling themselves this offseason that they’re going to have a great year.

Namaste Chiefs fans! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!