AA Mock Draft: Chiefs get their QB of the future

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Round 4

Jayron Kearse – S – Clemson

Strengths: At 6’4, Kearse is bigger than most receivers he’ll face and serves as a great matchup option against larger TEs.  Amazing athlete with both speed and quickness to keep locked on his opposition.  Big, strong, and an explosive hitter who is a threat to force a fumble on almost every tackle.  Shows good ball skills to be a threat dropping into passing lanes.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t always play technically sound and tends to take some poor angles.  Can be a bit of an “all or nothing” player when it comes to making plays.  While his size is impressive, it could also be a future concern as he fills out.  He may get too big to play S in the future.

The Fit: Kearse is a bit of a freak (fitting given he is the nephew of Jevon “The Freak” Kearse).  Guys with his size should not be able to move the way he does.  Kearse is able to cover ground quickly with excellent speed and long strides.  Because he is bigger than most wide receivers, he is able to make most tackles with ease.  He’s still growing into his frame, so his potential is ridiculous, but there may eventually be some question as to what position he should be playing.

This move, combined with Xavian Howard, should put the Chiefs in a decent position moving forward with their secondary for now.  Honestly, what I like the most about Kearse is that his future is unknown.  If he fills out his frame well, he has the right mindset to play ILB or OLB in the Chiefs defense.  This almost “tweener” frame of his is what really makes him a good option to fill in for that role played by Husain Abdullah.  He’s going to be a quality player at one position or another…on the team to figure out which.

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