Chiefs School of Rock Hard Headedness

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Jan 16, 2016; Derrick Johnson Tamba Hali Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 16, 2016; Derrick Johnson Tamba Hali Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports /

The ground is not forgiving. And that’s where we’re all at now. Back to ground zero with a splat, having squandered another opportunity with players like Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson, both of whom will be in question as possible returning players not only because of their age but because both are currently free agents.

It’s as if Andy Reid needs someone to stand in front of him and clap their hands in his face and yell, “Wake up! Wake up!” Look at the clock.

The answer could be a new offensive coordinator. The Chiefs not only need a new offensive coordinator but, Andy Reid needs to restructure the coaching assignments and as well as their responsibilities. Three years ago Clark Hunt restructured the coach and general manager positions in terms of who was reporting to him directly. Reid needs to place an offensive coordinator in that position with more clout than himself when it comes to the offense.

More importantly, the Chiefs need a dynamic and autonomous offensive coordinator who has the last word on play calling.

Why? To free Andy Reid up to manage the whole game.

Andy Reid does not appear capable of performing both the job of play caller and clock manager. Until he forfeits his role as the #1 play caller, and the offensive overlord, I don’t see there ever being a change in his temporary lapses of sanity when it comes to keeping up with the clock and the demands of keeping priorities straight during big game moments.

However, the problem may be more serious than what’s been stated so far because coach Reid came out the next day and defended his actions, So, what use would it be to hire an offensive coordinator to take over the offense so Andy can manage the game and clock if he’s convinced the way he did it Saturday was “handled right” as he put it.

Now, that’s called denial. Andy Reid would call it defending his methods. But what do you call it when everyone in the room knows you have a problem but you keep on defending yourself?

That’s right, denial.

That makes it clear that there will be no self-correction, which leaves it up to Clark Hunt to address with Andy Reid.

I’m just hoping Hunt is not also enrolled in Chiefs School of Rock Hard Headedness.

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