Chiefs and the Cruisin’ Illusion

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G7– Even with Ben Roethlisberger out, the Chiefs could only produce a 16-to-10 lead by the beginning of the 4th quarter but prevailed for their first in a nine game winning streak, 23-13.

G8– Chiefs cruise past the Lions for a 45-10 victory. Ultimately, Kansas City realized… “The game is afoot”… while Detroit never found their footing.


G9– K.C. goes to Denver and neuters the Broncos. Peyton Manning (remember him?) threw 4 INTs and had 35 total yards passing as the Chiefs monopolize the Broncos, 29-13. Peyton Manning breaks the all-time passing yards record but looks bad doing it.

G10– In a game that was only 12-to-3 Chiefs at half time, K.C. dominated the second half winning going away, 33-3 in San Diego. Alex Smith completes 20-25 passes in one of his best games of the season.

G11– With the game on the line in the 4th quarter and leading 24-to-22, the defense shuts out the Buffalo Bills the rest of the way and the Chiefs come up with 2 FGs for a close 30-22 win. Chiefs win their 5th straight. Comradery grows.

G12– The Raiders were up 20-to-14 after the first 3 quarters. The Chiefs scored 20 in the 4th including a Tyvon Branch pick-6, when the Raiders were driving to tie the score, securing a, closer than it looks, win for the Chiefs, 34-20.

G13– The Chargers march into Arrowhead and almost pull off an upset but the Chiefs win a close one, 10-3. Dee Ford almost single-handedly delivers this win.

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G14– K.C. at Baltimore, who kept the game close at 24-to-14 until 8:41 in the 4th quarter when the Chiefs kicked a field goal. With only a two score difference until with 2:09 left, Marcus Peters pick-6 for 90 yards secured a close win, which the final score does not reflect, 34-14.

G15– Browns Johnny Football gave the Chiefs all they could handle driving to their 18 yard line with 8 seconds on the clock, which ran out in the end. A too-close-for-cardiacs win, 17-13.

The games No. 8, No. 9, and No. 10… victories by margins of 35, 16 and 30… can spoil a fan base such as the Chiefs have, because we can end up expecting those kinds of routes as a result. However, don’t forget that game No. 10 was still close into the second half.

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