Chiefs and the Cruisin’ Illusion

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Here’s a game-by-game, ebb-n-flo, recap of the way the Kansas City Chiefs won or lost …reflecting their penchant for winning close games… or winning games late… or cruising to large margin victories.

G1– In Houston, the Chiefs were leading 27-to-9 at halftime and the game looked under control. In the second half, the Texans scored 11 points, the Chiefs zero, in a close win, 27-20.

G2– Chiefs home opener vs the Broncos: 5 Chiefs turnovers and a J. Charles fumble, scoop-and-six at the end by CB Bradley Roby were the difference. Chiefs in a close loss 31-24.

G3– Green Bay was leading 24-to-7 at halftime and K.C. made the final score appear closer than it was by scoring 14 fourth quarter points in a double-digit loss by the Chiefs, 38-28.

G4– It was 14-to-12 Bengals at the half, but they dominated the second half, 22-to-9, in a Chiefs blowout loss, 36-21. Zero TDs and SEVEN Cairo Santos FGs was the Chiefs sad saga.

G5– It was 17-to-3 Chiefs at the half but, a 15-to-0 second half trumping gave the Chiefs a close one-point loss, 18-17, to Chicago. I miss De’Anthony Thomas a lot (pictured left) and hope he’s back with the Chiefs next year. He has the best college highlights I’ve ever seen… in all my years.

G6– The Viking were up 13-to-0 when the 4th quarter arrived. A 10-to-3 fourth quarter couldn’t help the Chiefs enough in a close, 16-10 loss.

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