NFL news: Around the league in 32 plays

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Chiefs fans wait with baited breath on word whether Tamba will play or not this week. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs:  Linebacker Tamba Hali apparently broke his thumb in last Sunday’s game.  The veteran had surgery on the broken bone, including having three pins inserted.  His status for this week is uncertain, but if Steve DeBerg can do it, I expect Tamba Hali to do it as well.

New England Patriots:  In an effort to bolster their depleted stock of running backs, the Patriots have signed veteran Steven Jackson.  It is unknown how much work Jackson will get, or how soon, but the running game becomes even more important as wide receiver Danny Amendola is down with an injury again.

New Orleans Saints:  Quarterback Drew Brees is going to play this week despite a torn planter fascia (the same thing that is keeping Peyton Manning out).  Of course, Brees may be doing this to advertise for his next team as there are now reports stating that the Saints may choose to move on from the veteran signal caller.  Tied into that rumor is one involving Sean Payton leaving the Saints as well, though he is currently denying that is the case.

New York Jets:  The Jets have literally just signed a guy off the streets.  Joe Anderson stood outside the Jets facilities with a sign that served as his resume.  It worked, as he has ended up on the practice squad.  On the not so affordable end of things, defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson is in line for a big time pay day that may rival that of Suh and Watt.  Whether or not that is with the Jets remains to be seen.

Chiefs’ take

: KC is already in a tough place when it comes to re-signing Jaye Howard.  If Wilkerson resets the market with another big time pay day for a defensive lineman, that may pull Howard’s price tag above what the Chiefs are willing or able to pay.

It is the end of an era. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders:  Veteran defensive back Charles Woodson is finally calling it quits.  In a more immediate loss, the Raiders will be without rookie defensive end Mario Edwards due to a season ending neck injury.

  • Chiefs’ take: As much as we have hated him, it’s only right to show Charles Woodson the respect he has earned.  The surefire Hall of Famer is an integral part of the Chiefs-Raiders rivalry, and deserving of every bit of praise that he has received in the past week.  His most notable accomplishment?  Being the only member of this current Raiders team to say he had a winning season in Oakland!!!!

San Diego Chargers:  The rookie campaign has not gone well for Melvin Gordon, and now it comes to an end due to an injury.  The Chargers may have played their final home game, and the team allowed fans to stay after the game to get photos on the field.  Several players were noticeably emotional.

  • Chiefs’ take: Honestly, it’s really hard to imagine things being much different if the Chargers move to LA.  It’s a two hour difference.
  • Author’s take: There is one thing I think needs to be stated here.  And this goes for Rams fans as well.  Your little emotional outbursts these last two weeks would probably mean a whole lot more if you had been around for the past five to ten years.  I mean, it’s not like this has snuck up on you.  People in St Louis and San Diego have been more than content to ignore their teams for years until now.  It’s like a child with a toy they don’t play with.  They only notice it once it’s being thrown out, and then it’s some sort of travesty.  The truth is that Rams and Chargers attendance and merchandise sales have been at the bottom of the league for years.  On top of that, they have out of date and decrepit stadiums.  You’ll get no sympathy from me.

Tennessee Titans:  Rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota is likely done for the remainder of the year with a sprained MCL.

Washington Redskins:  Rumors are starting to come out that the Redskins will look to re-sign quarterback Kirk Cousins.  Cousins has shown a bit of talent and a lot of fire in recent weeks, and of course, now has his own catch phrase.

Well, that’ll do it for me Addicts.  Be sure to check in next week for another NFL news and rumor roundup.