Top 100 all-time Kansas City Chiefs moments: 25-1

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BUFFALO, NY – JANUARY 1967 : Len Dawson #16 of the Kansas City Chiefs passing against the Buffalo Bills in the 1966 season AFL Championship Game on January 1, l967 in Buffalo Bills. (Photo by Herb Scharfman/Sports Imagery/Getty Images)

15. Chiefs win AFL title (1966)

The Kansas City Chiefs went 12-2-1 in 1966 losing only to the Buffalo Bills (9-4-1) and the Oakland Raiders (8-5-1) in the process. The Chiefs got a chance at redemption by facing the Bills in the AFL title game, but also were playing for the right to represent the AFL vs. the NFL in the first Super Bowl (although it wasn’t yet called that).

To fully appreciate the 1966 Chiefs, who eventually lost to the Green Bay Packers in the World Championship game, you have to understand that football fans across our nation were split on whether or not the two leagues even belonged on the same playing field. With the Packers winning the first two such season-ending games — and remember there were no games being played between the two leagues during the season in those first four “Super Bowl” years — the first interconference game wasn’t played until Sept. 1970. Oddly enough, that game was between the Chiefs and the team they’d just beaten in the Super Bowl, the Minnesota Vikings.

Although the January of 1967 game between the Packers and the Chiefs was won handily by Green Bay 35-10, the reason the AFL title ranks No. 4 in the top 50 moments of the K.C Chiefs is… it not only put Kansas City on the NFL map but it did the same for the entire AFL … paving the way for the league that we now adore.

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