Chiefs will their way to 6-5

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Raiders Week!

The 6-5 Chiefs find themselves in an eerily similar position to last year when played the Raiders.

They were on a five-game winning streak heading into Oakland where the Raiders contributed in Kansas City’s season going into a downward spiral. The Raiders were underdogs last year as well and pose as a much bigger threat offensively than they did in 2014. On top of that, the Raiders are alive in the wild card hunt as opposed to last year where they were winless and had nothing to play for.

Kansas City needs this win for multiple reasons. A victory would avoid the Raiders having a boost of confidence when they play again. A matchup which most likely will feature two teams fighting for a playoff spot in Arrowhead.

The Raiders are viewed by Chiefs fans as a failure and a joke because of their tarnished years where Al Davis ran the organization like a child playing Madden. Sadly, this isn’t that team anymore. Oakland has a young and confident quarterback that doesn’t play scared in big moments. The young part can play well into the Chiefs hands on possibly forcing some mistakes but if they don’t play well he could have a big game as he’s not afraid to take chances.

Oakland will be crazy on Sunday. Even my pastor is flying out there to support his improved Raiders squad (I’ve tried to help him). This game is equally important to both teams like last week, but the divisional rivalry gives it an edge like few other matchups can offer.

With five games left on the schedule this definitely the hardest one remaining, if Kansas City can beat the Raiders in Oakland they might just run the table. Which would just be incredible to see a 1-5 team end up being 11-5.