2016 NFL draft: Chiefs quarterback search

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Dak Prescott provides a lot of tools to work with, and has shown that he can pick up on the nuances of the game. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

7 (#92 overall): Dak Prescott – Mississippi State – rSr (6’2 – 230 lbs):  Imagine a guy caught somewhere between being Tim Tebow and Cam Newton, and you’ve got Dak Prescott.  The Tebow part is troubling, but the good news is that this redshirt senior has shown clear improvement as a passer, which means he is trending towards becoming more like Newton.  Prescott has made some clear strides from being a running quarterback, and that has NFL scouts talking about what he could become.

Prescott works out of a read-option offense that is built almost entirely around him.  As the fulcrum of the offense, Prescott is tasked with making a lot of decisions about how to move the ball.  This highlights both his talents and deficiencies, making him pretty easy to scout.

The athleticism of Prescott is flat-out phenomenal.  With a mix of size, strength, quickness and speed, he is a mismatch against anyone when he decides to run.  He also demonstrates a quality arm that is capable of making all the throws on the field.  But what is really exciting about Prescott is the improvement he has shown in three areas: passer mechanics, play understanding/reads, and the understanding of quarterback techniques like back-shoulder passing, eye manipulation, and throwing his man open.

However, understanding does not necessarily mean he can do theses things consistently.  It is still (sometimes painfully) obvious that Prescott is in the learning process of how to be a quarterback.  His mechanics tend to get sloppy.  And he will sometimes rely to heavily on some of the quarterback techniques he has learned, which allows defenders to get a jump on him.  He will also pre-determine throws and struggles with his ball placement.

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