2016 NFL draft: Chiefs quarterback search

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Jones has a ton of potential, but does he have the head for the NFL game? Mandatory Credit: Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

6 (#81 overall): Cardale Jones – Ohio State – rJr (6’5 – 250 lbs):  There was nobody more hyped over the offseason than Cardale Jones.  After an impressive debut last year, it was believed that he was a lock for the number one overall pick.  However, things have not played out that way so far this year.

Jones comes from the Urban Meyer system.  One thing Meyer is known for is getting full use of his quarterbacks, especially in the running game.  Alex Smith, Tim Tebow, and Cam Newton (pre-transfer) all came up under Meyer.  While all three of those quarterbacks were first round picks, they have had very different results in the NFL.  Meyer’s system doesn’t call for a lot of mental work by the quarterback.

Jones has the ideal build for a quarterback…or a linebacker.  His height allows him to see over the line and scan the whole field.  His size, strength, and speed make him tough to bring down.  In that regard he’s very much like Cam Newton.  He also has a big time arm that is ideal for launching the ball downfield.

The big setback for Jones is that he has not progressed on the mental side of the ball.  Scouts had believed that he would learn the tricks of the trade, but it does not appear to have happened.

He has a very poor internal clock.  He doesn’t read the defense, instead throwing to the guy he “thinks” is open, usually waiting until after the proper throw window to release the ball.  There are also some questions to his maturity as he is not afraid to speak his mind on social media.

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