2016 NFL draft: Chiefs quarterback search

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If you’re looking for a small school “diamond in the rough”, you can’t do much better than Wentz. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

5 (#59 overall): Carson Wentz – North Dakota State – Sr (6’5 – 231 lbs):  The small school standout of this year’s class is Carson Wentz from ND State.  It never fails, there is always at least one guy that scouts insist is a gem from the lower level ranks.  Of course, sometimes they’re right.  With Wentz, there is some reason for excitement.  He was a late convert to quarterback in high school, which is why he is playing at the FCS level.

Wentz works out of a spread option system in North Dakota, though he is not a traditional spread option quarterback.  Wentz prefers to use his arm over his legs, but will pull the ball down and take off at times.  The Bison do work in some under-center looks in their offense, so Wentz isn’t completely without experience there.  However, there are not a lot of complicated reads in what he does.

Carson Wentz has a great build for a pocket passer.  His height allows him to see over the line and scan the whole field.  He has good athleticism to help him extend plays when he needs to.  He can make all of the throws on the field, and has a decent arm.  He understands ball placement and how to optimize the routes his receivers are running.  He keeps his calm and doesn’t panic when a play breaks down.

However, there are some key flags with Wentz.  He has a bad habit of pre-determining his throw before the snap.  He will stare down his targets and will even cue the defense towards the play call.  He needs a lot of work in hiding his intentions.

He also tends to get a little excited at times and will abandon some of his mechanics.  Most noticeable of these is that he will allow himself to become unbalanced while making a throw.

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