2016 NFL draft: Chiefs quarterback search

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Jared Goff’s hype has slowed down a little as he has started to face stiffer competition. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

2 (#10 overall): Jared Goff – California – Jr (6’4 – 210 lbs):  Jared Goff was the golden boy of fans and media scouts early on this season.  Goff came in and put up some amazing numbers to start the year, but has recently fallen off as the competition has gotten better.

Goff is another spread system quarterback.  However, unlike Paxton Lynch, the junior has faced some quality opposition this season.  Unfortunately for Goff, that is exactly what has gotten a number of people second-guessing him.  After rolling through the first five games of the season, Goff has struggled in the last several weeks.  The difference in those games has been the level of competition.  Against the quality teams of the Pac-12, Goff has looked very human.

Goff does display some quality technique in his passing.  He has a tight, over-the-top, release that gets the ball to his target quickly.  He also understands some of the finer points of the position, such as leading receivers and anticipating windows.  He has a strong arm that allows him to make all the passes on the field.  He has also demonstrated an uncanny toughness.  He has endured a lot of punishment over the last few weeks, but continues to get up and go back to work.

One of the chief concerns with Goff is whether or not he will be able to adapt to the NFL game.  As another spread system quarterback, he will have a lot to learn at the next level before he is ready to start taking meaningful snaps.

However, even more of a red flag is the beating that he has taken.  Goff hasn’t had any injury issues, but he is very lean which does not bode well for his future durability.  He has also developed “happy feet” due to the constant pressure and hits he has faced.  The biggest concern there is the fact that his “happy feet” is a learned trait that has regressed from what was previously excellent footwork.

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