2016 NFL draft: Chiefs quarterback search

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Sep 13, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) high fives teammates prior to their game against the Baltimore Ravens at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos:  The Peyton Manning era is clearly drawing to a close.  That puts the Broncos in a pretty tight spot.  They will be a good enough team that they miss out on the early pick to get the guy of their choice.  They also have Brock Osweiler coming up for a new contract.  And while Bronco fans will swear by him, the truth is that nobody has seen much of anything from him.  There are multiple approaches Denver could take here, and I expect that John Elway will be adding a new quarterback somehow.

I really see the Broncos making one of two choices.  They could either go the veteran route and grab someone to try and hold the team together while they go through the rebuilding process.  Or they can take a mid-round quarterback to compete with a re-signed Brock Osweiler.  I don’t know that either of these is a winning recipe.  There is a third option, but it would require some dominoes to fall in the right time and place.  If Matt Stafford becomes available, I don’t think the Broncos would hesitate in making him a big offer.

Detroit Lions:  It really seems odd to be saying this, but the Lions might be moving on from Matt Stafford.  To me, this seems ridiculous.  However the rumors are running pretty freely about it.  Stafford will be 28 years old next season, has a cannon for an arm, and has proven he can win games in the NFL.  If the Lions do decide to cut him (and with his contract structure, they can), then it will be a sign that they are absolutely taking a quarterback.  And this is the team that is likely to have the number one overall pick, which means they get the pick of the litter.

I don’t see it happening this year.  Surely cooler heads will prevail and the Detroit ownership and new front office will realize that Stafford is not the problem.  Plus, after letting almost all of their defensive talent walk this past offseason, I don’t see how this team decides to pass on someone like Joey Bosa.

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