Slotting the 2015 Chiefs PART II

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Sep 13, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid during a game against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If there is a place to build in the coming two years, it the offensive line. Until then, we can slot the rest of the Chiefs positions groups all we want but the team is going nowhere until the line is not just fixed… but bankrolled and bolstered. Sad to say, it probably won’t happen under coach Andy Reid (mostly because I often think of Andy Reid as having these inner conversations with himself saying, “I am the OL on a Shoestring Magician, I am the OL on a Shoestring Magician… and just wait until everyone sees my newest invention called Flubber”).

Andy Reid’s legacy as a Chiefs head coach is not only linked to Alex Smith but the “stalwart” offensive line he never was able to build. Sorry Mr. Reid, you’ve re-slotted yourself to the bottom three-quarters of the league… and now I think we can all see why.

I still see Doug Toub as a top tier Special Teams coach even though his special teams has been anything but. However, it should be noted punter Dustin Colquitt is still special and Cairo Santos is markedly better this year. The problem is with the coverage teams. Dave Toub still appears to be on top of his game and should still be considered a top ten coach.

Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton has never had a reputation as a bad-ass and he likely never will. I believe HE is what’s holding this defense back. I’m going to say he’s one of the bottom ten in the league… but perhaps not the worst.

The Chiefs Offensive coordinator is non-existent, right? That would actually be Andy Reid if you’re being honest. Doug Pederson’s name hasn’t come up for any offseason coaching vacancies has it? Why would it. He doesn’t know how to call plays apparently and that must be why Andy Reid hired him… he’s a virtual mute who Reid can use as a babysitter whenever he occasionally goes to chat with the defensive coordinator. I’m wondering what role he really does play? It’s hard for me to even slot him in with any group of other offensive coordinators in the league so I’ll just place him in the bottom ten. After all, the offenses he’s been associated with here in K.C. haven’t ever ranked in the top ten have they (#25 in 2014 and #21 in 2013)? I’ve reconsidered and Pederson is just too much of an unknown. It’s Andy Reid’s offense that should be slotted somewhere in the 20’s.

Doug Pederson as an Offensive Coordinator- Unknown

Andy Reid as an Offensive Coordinator: #21-#25

General Manager John Dorsey is doing a good job. I will stick with that assessment because I believe the real problems for the Chiefs are in the club house. However, I will say that these problems may be pointing to a chink in the new reporting system that owner Clark Hunt has implemented because in this structure, Hunt is the only one who can fire Reid and it might be advantageous to have Dorsey be able to at least assist in that process. I think that would be a positive because I’m hoping Dorsey is here long after Reid exits.

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