NFL rankings: Week 2

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The Bengals did whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, to whoever they wanted. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

11. Cincinnati Bengals (1-0; W 33-13 vs OAK) – I had to change the channel on this one.  What the Bengals did to the Raiders was not family friendly.  Last week: 15

12. San Diego Chargers (1-0; W 33-28 vs DET) – They looked like a completely different team in the 2nd half.  A great comeback to get an important win in what looks to be a competitive AFC West.  Last week: 14

13. Baltimore Ravens (0-1; L 13-19 vs DEN) – That OL was horrendous.  And I don’t think this team is good enough to overcome the loss of Terrell Suggs.  Last week: 10

14. Philadelphia Eagles (0-1; L 24-26 vs ATL) – It’s a big drop for the Eagles, but they looked tired and weak…in Week 1.  Last week: 7

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1; L 21-28 vs PIT) – Another drop that might seem harsh, but this game was not as close as the score.  That is apparently NOT how you stop Rob Gronkowski.  Last week: 8

16. Miami Dolphins (1-0; W 17-10 vs WAS) – The Dolphins got the win, but they won’t get many more if they play like that.  Last week: 17

So, all this time Tavon Austin has really just been a RB? Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

17. St Louis Rams (1-0; W 34-31 vs SEA) – A huge division upset to start the season.  The offense may have started to figure things out.  Last week: 18

18. Carolina Panthers (1-0; W 20-9 vs JAX) – The Panthers will miss Kelvin Benjamin, but the rest of the WRs did a great job stepping up this week.  Last week: 20

19. New York Jets (1-0; W 31-10 vs CLE) – Almost the entire offseason was focused on their QB situation, but this team still has a very strong defense.  Last week: 22

20. Minnesota Vikings (0-1; L 3-20 vs SF) – The Vikings were supposed to be the “surprise” team of 2015.  Well, surprise!  Not very good.  Last week: 16

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