2015 Chiefs: Is it just me, or…

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Nov 9, 2014; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Kansas City Chiefs nose tackle Dontari Poe (92) sacks Buffalo Bills quarterback Kyle Orton (18) during the first half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Is it just me, or…

… or is anyone else as tired of the 20/80 national media blind spot reporting of the NFL… where the national sports reporting is blind to 80 percent of the teams while 20 percent of the teams get 80 percent of their attention. The teams that the national media are (currently) not blind to would include: the Pats, the Steelers, the Cowboys, the Packers, the Seahawks and the Broncos.

It’s a “win-and-you’re-in” world for sure.

I’m also ready to gag every time a team of reporters is willing to crown the individual they are covering in their upcoming game that day as “the best” at their position… (like wide receiver Antonio Brown)… then turn around and do the same with another player the very next week. C’Mon Man!

Is it just me, or…

… is anyone else amazed at how the Chiefs seemed to have timed their peaking health and hitting their stride all at once. Dontari Poe, a herniated disk operation in July, no problem, he’ll be ready for opening day… Eric Fisher, a high ankle sprain and missed a couple of preseason game, no problem, he’s ready for opening day…Mike DeVito and Derrick Johnson sidelined for all of the 2014 season with Achilles injuries, no problem, they’re ready for opening day… De’Anthony Thomas has a calf injury on Aug. 15 and missed most of the preseason, no problem, he’s ready for opening day… and of course there is Eric Berry overcoming Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Berry has participated fully in the preseason and is ready for opening day. The healing planets of Venus and Jupiter are obviously aligning for the Chiefs.

“I’m looking forward to waking up, period.

Football sore is way better than Chemo sore.

It’s a blessing to be able to be sore.”

~Eric Berry, 9/9/15

Is it just me, or…

… or is anyone else wondering what general manager John Dorsey will be able to do with the Chiefs roster in the next two and a half years? These past two and a half years have been an incredible weekly journey of one good move after another and it makes me excited to think about what the team will look like in 2017. Have all his moves been winners? No, but so many of his moves have been improvements and all those improvements have added up to a roster that now has generated a set of very high expectations. Hats off to Mr. Dorsey.

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A moment of silence for all the 9/11 victims and their families.

A moment of quiet support for Tavon Rooks.

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What do you say, Addict fans? Is it just me or… is anyone else ready for some Kansas City Chiefs football?!