Chiefs offense: Three-tight end sets key to success

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Aug 21, 2015; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs tight end James O

When the Chiefs selected O’Shaughnessy in the fifth round of the NFL Draft my first thought was that he would be a project for the future. Coming from a small-school program in the Missouri Valley Conference, O’Shaughnessy will need time to grow and develop into a player that can contribute. He will need time in an NFL system and time in an NFL weight program but the raw tools are there to be a productive player.

With O’Shaughnessy stepping into his first NFL game on Sunday against the Texans, Kansas City can’t expect him to be a huge contributor. He simply needs to be able to block his guy on running plays and be able to pull coverage just the slightest bit if he is out on a pass pattern.

The third tight end in the system doesn’t have to produce much on the field but it can completely change the personnel that a team will play. That can be the key advantage to playing the three-tight end set and with the different play variations and formations available the Chiefs can take advantage of the mismatches that it can create.

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