2015 NFL predictions

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NFC South 

It might not be so much that the Falcons are that good as it is nobody else in their division are any good. NFC South remains a complete mess, but somebody has to win. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons (11-5; 1st Place NFC South)

Story of the season – In the division that simply cannot find any consistency, it’s the Falcons turn to win. Pioli jokes aside, I really do like certain parts of this roster.  They’re becoming more balanced, and should at least be good enough to beat the other teams in their division.

Carolina Panthers (8-8; 2nd Place NFC South)

Story of the season – I feel like the Panthers were doing everything right this offseason.  However, the injury to Kelvin Benjamin is something they are not built to overcome yet.  We will see another year of Cam Newton scrambling around and holding the ball forever simply because nobody can get open.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11; 3rd Place NFC South)

Story of the season – Jameis Winston was considered by most to be more pro-ready than Marcus Mariota, and it will show off this year.  Winston is going to have his struggles, but he’s got a lot of offensive talent around him, especially at wide receiver.  He’s going to have some highlight moments this year.

New Orleans Saints (3-13; 4th Place NFC South)

Story of the season – Over the past few seasons, I have become more and more convinced that Micky Loomis is one of the most overrated general managers in the NFL.  When you look at their salary cap, the thing that stands out is just how much Drew Brees accounts for.  He’s a $26.4 million investment this season (18% of the cap).  That’s just too much.  And what he costs the Saints went beyond money…Jimmy Graham, Kenny Stills, and Ben Grubbs are all gone because of Loomis catering to Brees.

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