2015 NFL predictions

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NFC East

The Cowboys have a top OL, a strong armed QB, and this guy. Dallas is simply going to just put way more points on the board than anyone they face. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys (14-2; 1st Place NFC East)

Story of the season – A quality offensive line and a dangerous passing game are going to make the Cowboys tough to deal with.  The running game is still a question, and there are some big concerns on the defense, but overall they should be able to score more points than their opponents.  ESPN loves this.

Philadelphia Eagles (11-5; 2nd Place NFC East – Wild Card)

Story of the season – While Chip Kelly has made some questionable roster decisions, this team is still loaded with talent.  They should have a strong defense and running game.  The question mark is with their quarterback, but Bradford does have talent as long as he stays healthy.  And the Eagles do have some quality targets for him.

New York Giants (8-8; 3rd Place NFC East)

Story of the season – The Giants have the look of a team that isn’t sure what they want to be.  Clearly they want to throw the ball, but may not have the offensive line to do it behind.  And without Jason Pierre-Paul, there will be some big questions as to whether or not they can keep other teams from scoring.  And in a division with the Cowboys and Eagles, that’s going to end up being a big problem.

Washington Redskins (2-14; 4th Place NFC East)

Story of the season – The RG3 nonsense will carry over into the regular season.  There is a real power struggle in Washington, and eventually Dan Snyder will win because he has all the power.  That means eventually Griffin becomes the starting quarterback again.  The front office is divided.  The team is divided.  No way does that turn into wins.

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