Chiefs offensive line shows potential In preseason opener

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Aug 11, 2015; St. Joseph, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs nose tackle Charles Tuaau (75) and tackle Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (76) run defensive drills during the training camp at Missouri Western State University. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

* Jarrod Pughsley – This guy may actually be the most interesting lineman on the team. He seems to have all the athletic tools you could ask for. At times he looks really strong and can also move really well for his size. In fact, Pughsley actually got one snap with the first-string when Fisher had a shoe issue. That play was the Davis draw that I mentioned Morse was out blocking on and Pughsley wasn’t far behind Morse.

That having been said, Pughsley is still raw. Based on what I saw Saturday I wouldn’t want him playing this season. He was beat outside a few times and completely whiffed on an inside move on another play. Still, there is some potential here.

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif – LDT played left guard with the second unit and it wasn’t a good night for the Canadian. He looks like a guy that should be stronger than he plays. There were multiple plays where he was pushed around. He had some solid plays too, but this guy is still very much a work in progress. I wonder if KC will have to try to get him on the practice squad this year to continue his development. If you made me choose between him and Pughsley for the last offensive line spot on the 53-man roster right now, it would be Pughsley hands down.

Eric Kush – Kush had a solid night overall. I thought he looked better run blocking than he did in pass protection. He didn’t have major problems in pass protection, but he does seem more susceptible to the bull rush than Morse was despite Kush going against the second-string. It may be Morse’s ability to hold his ground and not collapse the pocket that moved him ahead of the third-year center.

Paul Fanaika – This is starting to get a little longer than I anticipated so I’ll keep this one short. Fanaika has enough strength that he could fill in at guard if needed and not be the liability that McGlynn was, but he’s not starting material. Case in point, there was a third-down conversion that Daniel picked up but almost got killed by a blitz up the middle in the process. That free man was on Fanaika who missed the pass off from his teammate.

Derek Sherrod – Honestly, the biggest development with Sherrod in this game was the realization that he is behind the previously mentioned Pughsley. Sherrod’s play was just okay on Saturday. He held his own at times but also was clearly beat on a few plays as well. I think those of you that had your fingers crossed in hopes that the former first-round pick would come in and finally live up to his draft slot and win the starting right tackle job should probably let that dream go.

So there you have it, Addicts. Some thoughts on the first preseason game and specifically a look at where the offensive line is at.

My final thoughts are that the line looks like it has the potential to be better this year. If Fisher is a little better, Grubbs is solid, Morse holds his own, Fulton is a little better, and either Stephenson or Allen can just be average at right tackle the Chiefs line will likely be middle of the pack. While I’d love a top-five offensive line, middle of the pack would be a huge upgrade over the disaster that was last season.

So what do you think? Did you have other things that stuck out to you in this game that I didn’t mention? Do you agree with my assessment of the offensive line? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading and GO, CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!