Chiefs offensive line shows potential In preseason opener

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Nov 22, 2014; Athens, GA, USA; Charleston Southern Buccaneers quarterback Austin Brown (4) is sacked by Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Ramik Wilson (51) during the first quarter at Sanford Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

* The Chiefs are lucky to have Trent Green and Paul Bermeister calling their preseason games. I’ve watched other team broadcasts on NFL Network and a lot of the time the announcers are just plain brutal.

* The highlight of the first-string defense was when Derrick Johnson knifed through the line and stuffed the run near the goal line. That was vintage DJ, and I’ll admit that, with his age, I had wondered if he’d lose a step after his injury. It appears that there is no need to worry.

* I get that Mike Catapano was held out to make sure he’s fully healthy, but I don’t get using Mike DeVito on clear passing downs with only two down linemen. The guy is a run-stuffer and even with Catapano out, I think Jaye Howard would be a much better fit for that role.

* Josh Mauga should be nervous. I wasn’t a fan of the contract they gave him this offseason that unofficially made him the leading candidate to start at inside linebacker next to DJ. He missed WAY too many tackles last season. Now he has two promising rookie inside linebackers nipping at his heels. Both Ramik Wilson and Justin March looked great last night. Regardless of how things shake out, KC is MUCH better off at the position now compared to where they were during the season in 2014.

* I defended the Dee Ford pick both last season and this offseason while others called it a wasted pick. Ford has special speed off the line that could make him a top tier pass-rusher. However, as a rookie he was clearly a one-trick pony that lacked the strength and experience to be an effective every-down player. My hope was that he would show up for his sophomore season stronger and ready to take on a bigger role. It’s just one preseason game, but Ford still looked like the same guy we saw last season. On one play he quickly got to Arizona quarterback Logan Thomas but instead of sacking him, he slid right off him. I get that Thomas is a big guy, but come on, Dee!

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