Dontari Poe: Next item of business

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Every Pro Bowl Poe attends without a new contract puts pressure on the Chiefs.Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When will it get done?

The fact that the Chiefs have opened up more cap space with Houston’s contract suggests that they are interested in making moves.  As I mentioned before, John Dorsey has already confirmed that he has reached out to Poe’s camp.  That all indicates that the Chiefs are working to get this done quickly.  The Chiefs should absolutely reach a deal on an extension this year.  Every year that Poe completes is that much more bargaining power on his side of the table.

If the Chiefs are able to complete Poe’s extension this year, it would be just about impossible for anyone other than John Dorsey to be named General Manager of the Year by the NFL.  It would be two major re-signings, a marquee trade with Ben Grubbs, a top free agent signing with Maclin, plus the restructuring of Hali’s contract, all without decimating his future cap space.

What kind of back up plan might John Dorsey be looking for? Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Will Dorsey look for a backup plan?

Eric Fisher, Dee Ford, and now Marcus Peters.  While John Dorsey claims to take the best player available in the draft (and yes, that is a claim that can be backed up with those picks), there is no denying that each of the players taken in the first round has conveniently been at a position where a potentially contentious contract was on the horizon.

That may or may not be the case in the 2016 draft, and it may or may not be the case with nose tackle.  There are certainly other positions he could look at *cough* quarterback *cough*.  An early look at the position for next year doesn’t reveal any one standout in particular, though the 387 lbs monster in Arizona, Mo Latu, certainly bears watching just for sheer amazement purposes.  And there are currently a couple of long-shot options on the roster, such as Rakeem Nunez-Roaches.  But don’t be surprised if Chiefs scouts are keeping an eye on defensive tackles all over the NFL.  This may even be especially true with Poe considering his athletic versatility would not anchor him to the nose tackle spot.

So while it is the most boring part of the year for fans, don’t think for a second that the same is true for those folks in the front office.  John Dorsey is making things happen in Kansas City, and Chiefs fans need to be getting very excited about it.