Allen Bailey can help Kansas City Chiefs defense become Elite

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In 2015, Bailey has the chance to improve both his numbers and the defense overall.  He plays well against he run and in doing so allows the linebackers to make the bulk of the tackles in the running game.  If he can continue to improve as he has over the last two seasons, he be a catalyst for the outside pass rush and help the defense step up to the elite of the NFL.

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  • Poe should see a reduced snap count if the Chiefs are smart about protecting him.  But, he will still draw double-teams.  The re-signing of Justin Houston and the continued presence of Hali and Dee Ford have set the stage for Bailey.  He has the physical ability, experience in Sutton’s scheme and teammates surrounding him to make a difference in 2015.  He has one area he needs to improve on, particularly in the nickel alignments.

    He must beat offensive guards one-on-one.  Whether pushing the guard through the pocket and into the quarterback or beating the guard and penetrating, both provide the pressure the defense needs.  He’s shown the capability, but has been inconsistent.

    In the film cuts above, Bailey beats Seattle Seahawks guard J. R. Sweezy and then beats center Max Unger to meet Houston at Russell Wilson’s lap.  If Bailey can produce hurries like this consistently, he’ll continually drive the quarterbacks out to the edge rushers and the defense will thrive.

    With both Poe and the 31-year-old DeVito in contract years, Bailey can provide the team value for his contract dollars. Allen Bailey can be a difference maker for this defensive line.  That, along with the coming Poe contract bode well for the Chiefs’ future, even post-DeVito.

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