Kansas City Chiefs camp: Who shows? Who breaks out?

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It’s Derek Sherrod who I believe will have a breakout year. If you are Andy Reid (and John Dorsey) and you are perfectly happy with your choices for the right tackle position then you have no need to bring in a broken project like Sherrod.

Yes, Dorsey helped draft him four years ago but he also knows about his physical failings. Reid believes in giving guys a shot and since Sherrod has made it thus far in the year (while guys like Da’Rick Rogers have not), I can see him getting the nod. Rotoworld says, “He’s a no-risk, high-reward lotto card for Andy Reid’s team.” Don’t you think Reid is going to want to see if he hit the jackpot?

Look at Sherrod more as a second year player… someone like Kelce who had his rookie year stolen from him because of an injury… only in Sherrod’s case the rehab has taken a couple of years.

In 2011, Draft Breakdown.com said Derrek Sherrod “could be one of the better tackles in this class.They had the following to say about him when he came out of Mississippi State:

Pass Blocking

"“Sherrod possesses good arm length (35 3/8”) and a great initial first step in pass protection. He does a great job against speed rushers, using his quick feet to cut off edges.”"

They also said he needs to strengthen his base. That was then, now is now.

Run Blocking

"“Sherrod has the quickness to seal the edge in the running game and gets to the next level fast… Sherrod shows great recognition in the run game and understands assignments and when to release and pass off his blocks.”"

Draft Breakdown also said Sherrod needs more “nastiness.” Hopefully he’s learned… second chance player often come back with a much improved mentality.


"“Sherrod’s experience [47 college games & 35 starts] definitely shows when on the playing field. He understands both passing and running schemes very well and appears to have a high football IQ.”"

Hand Placement

"“His arms get too wide at times and he doesn’t have the overwhelming strength to make up for this lack of technique. There is no concern here, however, as Sherrod is a willing learner and technique will improve over time.”"


"“Sherrod has above average mobility for an offensive lineman and is extremely light on his feet for a big man. He moves well, is quick off the snap, and displays pretty good athleticism. This combination is why he is best suited for the left side of the line.”"


"“Sherrod’s footwork… When it’s on, he has quick, light feet and a nice kick step to put him in proper pass blocking position. He doesn’t get crossed up by stunts or blitzes.”"

These are all the attributes you look for in a stud rookie lineman coming out of college. The Packers gave up on him but they have one of the deepest rosters in all of the NFL if not the deepest. Sherrod signed with the Chiefs two days after the 2014 season ended and he’s made it through all OTAs. Instead of the Chiefs having to start a rookie at right tackle (if they had drafted that way), they can start a man who is now 26 years old, with fresh legs and the pedigree to be a top notch right tackle in the NFL.

I’m predicting he will have a breakout year in 2015 as a starter for the Chiefs. At least I hope he gets his chance.

The three player who I believe will “show” for Kansas City in 2015 are:

  1. Corner Marcus Peters should get plenty of chances to dazzle us with his coverage abilities,
  2. Wideout Chris Conley needs to establish that he has more promise than he showed in college where he truly under performed, and
  3. Mike Catapano, who may not only end up “showing” us his promise but breaking through by year’s end. What he’s capable of, is off the charts.

Alright Addict fans, who do you think will have a breakout year… or at least be the best dawg in show? Is there anyone you can’t wait to focus your binoculars on in camp?