Chiefs GM: The 13 Grooviest Moves of John Dorsey PART II

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3. The More Power to Ya… Move

Trading two second round picks to get QB Alex Smith

Not since Trent Green stood behind center has the organization had a quarterback that took such good care of the football while leading them to consecutive winning seasons. From 2006 to 2013, in this quarterback driven league the team had often appeared powerless against anyone they faced. From the time Trent Green left town in 2006 until Alex Smith showed up, the team had a 29-67 record. That’s a .300 winning percentage. Since Smith has arrived the team has gone 20-12 with a .625 percentage. John Dorsey and Andy Reid made that move together and Alex Smith looks primed to have the best year of his career. Now that’s an idea whose time has come. Today.

Grooviest Move Song Dedication: Time Has Come Today (Chambers Brothers)

2. The Light Show… Move

Re-signing Jamaal Charles

The only thing better than fireworks over Arrowhead after the game is fireworks during the game… provided by Jamaal Charles of course. Kansas City fans have been a little bit spoiled when it comes to running backs in the past 20+ years. Not so much… when it comes to quarterbacks… but when you think about the litany of excellent running backs it boggles the mind to think about. Barry Word, Christian Okoye (the Nigerian Nightmare), Marcus Allen, Kimble Anders, Priest Holmes, Tony Richardson, Larry Johnson and Jamaal Charles.

What may be lost on many Chiefs fans is the historical significance of Jamaal Charles numbers. JC has averaged 5.5 yards per carry over his career. Jamaal is entering his 8th year as a pro. There are only two running backs in the history of the NFL — in the modern era — with more than 5.0 yards per carry: Jim Brown with 5.2 ypc over a nine year career and Mercury Morriss with 5.1 ypc over an 8 year career.

For John Dorsey to understand who JC is, then re-sign him, doesn’t seem like it would take a brain surgeon to figure out. However, it was just a few years ago that then head coach Todd Haley and general manager Scott Pioli were thinking of getting rid of Jamaal Charles. So, for Dorsey to re-sign him is a move which will be appreciated more and more as history unfolds for Chiefs fans. It’s obvious to us all now… the sky’s the limit with JC in the house.

Grooviest Move Song Dedication: Sky Pilot (Eric Burdon and the Animals)

1. The Get Your Act Together… Move

Signing Jeremy Maclin

Out with Dwayne Bowe… and in with Jeremy Maclin. Out with the organization’s best wide receiver since the 1960s… and in with the scheme’s best possible wide receiver ever. Yes, the Chiefs can claim they’ve gotten their act together and in large part due to the signing of free agent Jeremy Maclin. Do I believe it will really work? Succinctly, yes! Do I think it can get the Chiefs back to the Super Bowl. Why not. If everything jells… this move could get them back to where they once belonged.

Grooviest Move VIDEO Dedication: “13 Grooviest Moves of John Dorsey” plus Get Back (The Beatles)

Here are the Honorable Mentions: moves that are worth noting but that didn’t quite make the list. Moves like:

– Drafting and playing DB Phillip Gaines in his rookie year

– Signing DE Mike DeVito

– Allowing CB Brandon Flowers to walk

– Converting and being patient with TE Demetrius Harris

– Drafting and starting RG Zach Fulton

– Finding and signing UDFA WR Albert Wilson

Now, this was not a referendum on Jon Dorsey’s biggest mistakes, and he’s made some. So, let’s not go there. Perhaps we can cover that in another blog. Is there a groovy move that was your favorite? Is there someone I either left off the list or who you believe I was grazing in the grass a little too long about? What do you think Addict fans?