Kansas City Chiefs: Improving during downtime

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Starting the “Best Five” Along the Offensive Line: A Challenge

Andy Reid made himself perfectly clear on Thursday following minicamp, when asked, are the Chiefs interested in pursuing guard Evan Mathis? His response was, “No we’re not.”

How in the world do the Chiefs not go after Evan Mathis? Andy Reid has also made it clear that he intends to start the “best five” along the offensive line… and doesn’t that beg the question: does that include the best available five?

If Evan Mathis is available… why wouldn’t that include him?

Don’t jump to the “we ain’t got enough cap space” excuse. I would use the same reasoning to say the Chiefs must get him. After all, if Kansas City has the least amount of cap space available, what does that say about the team’s intentions in 2015? It says they’re pulling out all the stops to win a championship. Now. This year. Not next year.

John Dorsey has already proven in a big way that he can move cap space around this offseason to sign the players he wants. Why not Evan Mathis?

Before I go any further no one should be in doubt that Andy Reid KNOWS how good Evan Mathis really is. Plus, he KNOWS how well he fits his offense. He KNOWS how easily he could get caught up to speed. Why does he know all this? Because Andy Reid was the one responsible for bringing Mathis to Philly in 2011 where he played in Reid’s offense for two seasons.

Now take a look back at Evan Mathis rank and scores from ProFootballFocus in the past four seasons:

Guess who was the #1 Guard in 2011? Yep, Evan Mathis.

Guess who was the #1 Guard in 2012? Si Senior. Evan Mathis.

Guess who was the #1 Guard in 2013? Oh yea. Evan Mathis.

Guess who was the #1 Guard in 2014? NOOOO, that would be Marshal Yanda… followed by Evan Mathis at #2.

Evan Mathis didn’t just win the best Guard competition by a whisker each year either:

In 2011 Mathis was first with a score of 41.3. Second was 35.4.

In 2012 Mathis was first with a score of 52.0. Second was 25.6.

In 2013 Mathis was first with a score of 48.3. Second was 33.7.

In 2014 Mathis was second only to Marshal Yanda, but still had a score of 25.8 even though Mathis only played 9 games.

Package together Mathis, Grubbs, Fisher Kush and then take your pick of the best of the rest… and the Chiefs could have a top notch offensive line this year. Just yesterday Evan Mathis said, “I’m very much ready to come back strong for an entire season and have my best year yet.” Wow… best year yet. If the Chiefs really want to be improving during downtime they need to go after Evan Mathis. Full-bore.

What do you say Addict Fans? If the organization wants to be improving during downtime, what do you think must be addressed?