Kansas City Chiefs rookie profile: D.J. Alexander

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Oct 25, 2014; Stanford, CA, USA; Stanford Cardinal offensive tackle Andrus Peat (70) prepares to block Oregon State Beavers linebacker D.J. Alexander (4) rush during the third quarter at Stanford Stadium. Stanford won 38-14. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

D.J. Alexander vs Stanford

Alexander is No. 4 and lines up both as an inside and outside linebacker. In this game he is circled before every play.

Watching Guide:

0:12 – Alexander escapes from the 2nd level block by first round draft pick Andrus Peat and runs down the ball carrier.

0:40 – Bad coverage by Alexander as he allows the running back to run right by him leading to a Stanford touchdown.

1:03 – Alexander shows his strength as he drives the guard into the backfield. He doesn’t make the tackle himself, but it was his push that blew up the play leading to a loss of yards.

2:17 – Bites on the inside handoff and leaves the edge open. The QB takes off and runs for a long touchdown.

2:27 – After initially charging up the middle to stop the run he realizes the play is an end around and is able to chase down the receiver from behind for a five yard loss.

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3:35 – Once again Alexander bites on the fake inside and this time the end around goes for 15 yards and a first down.

4:00 – Alexander slashes in from the edge on a goal line stand and stuffs the runner for no gain.

4:37 – Alexander again runs into Andrus Peat at the second level. While he doesn’t make the tackle he does do a good job of disengaging from Peat.

4:55 – He again shoots the open gap up the middle, this time he tackles the ball carrier for a loss back near his own endzone.

5:08 – Alexander quickly hits the open run lane and blows up the fullback. The runner still gets by, but he does a good job of stopping the fullback in his tracks thus freeing up his teammates to get to the ball carrier.

5:35 – Alexander attempts to blitz up the middle but is stopped by the center. After disengaging from the center he runs 20 yards to make the tackle on the receiver down the field.

I feel like this game does a good job of illustrating what D.J. Alexander does on the field (both good and bad) but since you should never judge a prospect off of just one game I have a few highlights on the next page that show similar attributes.

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