Don’t be surprised if … the Chiefs win it all

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Don’t be surprised if … an unknown wideout makes the final 53-man roster.

Seventh-round pick Da’Ron Brown makes the final roster. At 6-foot-0 and weighing in at 196, including 10 ½-inch hands, his skill set reminds me of DeSean Jackson. He’s more shifty than fast, and he makes it hard for corners to jam him off the line. If the Chiefs try to use him in the slot and ask him to line up deeper so that NFL cornerbacks have an even harder time playing bump and run against him, he has the ability to be an effective receiver inside.

Brown’s moves, once he catches the ball, frequently include a jab step and a move to free himself. His moves are reminiscent of Wes Welker and his lateral burst will help him survive and keep him from taking direct hits, just as Welker has done for so long. Plus, Brown’s sure hands should ingratiate him to quarterback Alex Smith.

Andy Reid and John Dorsey have a tendency to hold on to their draft picks. Plus, any receiver who can get open and hold on to the ball over the middle is going to find a job in the NFL. Don’t be surprised if Mr. Brown sticks — and sticks out — under the autumn haze of barbecue clouds at Arrowhead. Or maybe it will be UDFA DeVante Bausby or maybe Da’Rick Rogers … or…

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