Kansas City Chiefs: De’Anthony Thomas X-Factor 2.0?

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Enter: De’Anthony Thomas

De’Anthony Thomas’ first time with the ball in Kansas City.

Yes, that was during a preseason game, but it had an uncanny similarity to Hall.

When Thomas was drafted in in the fourth round of the 2014 NFL Draft with the 124th-overall pick, I was somewhat surprised at the selection. However, I proceeded to bow to the brilliance of general manager John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid after I did some research on the Oregon Duck.

Thomas was explosive, Thomas was fast, and Thomas knew how to make much bigger guys miss. The addition of the speedy return man had many fans ecstatic at what this kid would bring to Kansas City.

Even though Thomas has only been in the Chiefs offense for one year, his stats mirror a certain “human joystick.” For your comparing pleasure, their first years with Kansas City:

Dante Hall

Kick returns: 358 yards, 21.1 average. He was not heavily involved in the punt return his first year, but in his second year Hall had 235 yards, 7.3 yard average.

De’Anthony Thomas

Kick return yards: 428 yards, 30.6 yard average. Punt returns: 405 yards, one touchdown and an 11.9 yard average per return.

So the number are somewhat similar, and given the fact the Chiefs’ return game is even more impressive with the group they have, one could assume Hall’s number might be even higher.

Thomas is young, and while he may not have the impressive “X-Factor” moves that Hall had early in his career, he is getting better. Another year in the system with special teams coordinator Dave Toub and the right players on those units, and Thomas will very much improve those stats. While I do not get the exciting feeling that I got when Hall was back returning, I am still very much anxious to see what he has to offer in 2015. It is still too early to start calling him the second coming of Hall, but, he is starting to make me believe.

There you have it, Addicts. Do you think Thomas has the chops to be the next “X-Factor” for Kansas City? Let us know in the comments.

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Go Chiefs!