Kansas City Chiefs: Five players who must step up

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Eric Kush – The Chiefs added a potential center early in the draft, but even that move doesn’t clarify things at the position. Mitch Morse has potential to be a talented offensive lineman at almost any position on the entire line, but he does not strike me as a day one starter at any position. That leaves the burden of replacing Rodney Hudson on the shoulders of Eric Kush, in the short term at least. Kush hasn’t seen a ton of playing time for the Chiefs, but John Dorsey has expressed confidence in him, and his workout videos are pretty darn impressive. But all of that will have to translate to on-field production, or else the Chiefs will again struggle when defenses attack the middle of our offensive line.

The Chiefs invested a lot in trying to upgrade the interior offensive line. Ben Grubbs was a clear move to get better. Paul Fanaika isn’t the most impressive option, but he brings more competition to the mix. And a returning Jeff Allen is a wildcard at both guard and tackle. But the center position still remains unknown. Eric Kush needs to step up and take that job, and leave no question about it.

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Demetrius Harris — The former basketball player made the most important, and most difficult, development last season. He went from being an athlete to being a football player. Harris should be the second-string tight end for the Chiefs this season, but he will have to prove himself to be a reliable player.  Neither Richard Gordon or new draft pick, James O’Shaunessy, are options that the Chiefs should feel good about in that role right now.

With the number of multiple tight end sets that the Chiefs used in 2014, there is definitely an expectation there for production. If Demetrius Harris is unable to step up and help provide that production, the Chiefs offense may not be able to move forward. There are still some veteran options on the market, but the hope has to be that Harris takes the next step.

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