NFL Draft 2015: Kansas City Chiefs’ most pressing needs

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Wide Receiver

When the Miami Dolphins picked DeVante Parker, I made a sound that was previously unknown to humankind; something like a sigh mixed with a “case of the Mondays” groan mixed with a Free Willy orca cry.

Though this has been largely overlooked, most of Jeremy Maclin’s snaps will see him as the “Z” receiver (or flanker) this season, which affords a cushion between him and the line of scrimmage. That being the case, Kansas City needs a split end who can beat press coverage without said cushion.

As with anything, there are exceptions, but receivers who fill that void tend to be of the bigger-bodied variety. While Parker—who’s a perfect fit—is off the board, there’s no shortage of Day 1 contributors available.

Best Available: Dorial Green-Beckham, Jaelen Strong, Breshad Perriman