NFL Draft 2015: Kansas City Chiefs make a trade?

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1. Philadelphia and Cincinnati – A player that’s been linked to both the Bengals and Eagles is Alabama free safety Landon Collins. There is a good chance Collins will be available when the Chiefs pick at No. 18 and both of these teams pick at No. 20 and No. 21, respectively. If one of these teams likes Collins and wants to ensure they get their guy, Dorsey may get a call. Philadelphia and Cincinnati are so close to Kansas City that the Chiefs would most likely still get whomever they wanted.

2, Arizona – The Cardinals need some help on defense. Arizona lost some key players in Dan Williams and Darnell Dockett through free agency, which leaves it in need of some help in their front seven. This is where Shane Ray’s ridiculously bad decision this week may end up working in the Chiefs’ favor. Ray was considered a top-10 talent by some draft experts, but it doesn’t seem like that is possible now with the red flags. If and when he falls, Kansas City could be getting calls from several teams at 18th-overall to ensure they get the talented pass-rusher at a cheaper price.

3. Dallas – I think if Ray falls to No. 18, the Cowboys may be a team that’s interested in a trade. Dallas’ pass rush never recovered after losing DeMarcus Ware and living out here in Texas, I got to see first-hand how the fanbase feels about their defense after ranking 28th in sacks. The Cowboys could make the call if Ray falls to Kansas City, in hopes of stealing him from a team like Arizona.

4. Pittsburgh – Trae Waynes is considered by many to be the best corner in the draft and is more than likely getting picked in the top half of the first round. If Waynes falls to Kansas City, a couple teams could call about him. Pittsburgh would be one of them. They lost a lot of talent on defense and are quickly trying to fill big holes. I could see the Steelers calling if either Ray or Waynes is available.

5. New Orleans – New Orleans has multiple first-round picks so there’s more flexibility with this team to trade over others. It happens that the Saints need help on defense as well and could make a call for either Ray or Waynes.

6. Green Bay – This is a team that’s desperate for a cornerback and would consider making a call to the Chiefs if Waynes fell. With Dorsey having ties there, this could be intriguing.

What do you think, Addicts? Would you like to see the Chiefs do some maneuvering in this draft to get a high-profile player or gain additional picks?