Andy Reid: the 7 best GIFs and videos of the Chiefs head coach

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2. Get Smith or Die Tryin’

When this GIF graced the Internet, the Chiefs were 9-0, the 49ers had two 200-plus-yard passing games and Entourage was two years removed from retiring as the second-most overrated show of all time. (If you think The Big Bang Theory is funny, you probably own a frog.)

The origins trace back to an episode of the “comedy-drama” that featured a brief 50 Cent cameo, which continues to protect its reign as the only moment I’ve experienced joy while watching Entourage.

That said, this is the creme de la creme of GIFs.

Harbaugh scowl? Check. Kaepernick…something? Check. 50 chuckle? Affirmative. Reid ribbing? We have liftoff.