Andy Reid: the 7 best GIFs and videos of the Chiefs head coach

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6. Two and a Half Men

Dubbing Chris Wilhelm “Fake Andy Reid” is both insulting and misleading. Reid’s name is allergic to bogusness. There’s no fakeness in his blood.

From now on, I’m calling his twin “O.G. Jr.”

Wilhelm, however, doesn’t a hold a candle to Baby Andy (“O.G. Jr., Jr.”), whose mother told CBS Sports’ Will Brinson:

"We live in Olathe, KS and are big Chiefs fans. It was my husband’s idea to dress him up as Andy Reid for our neighborhood Halloween party. I just wish we could get a photo with him and Coach Reid together. That would be hilarious!"

Reid holding his mustached mini-me would demand its own word in the English language; something that describes a person simultaneously laughing and crying with one eyebrow raised.